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Unplugged Deep Relaxation

Brain Sync

Unplugged Deep Relaxation


  • Alpha wave meditation
  • Binaural beats for relaxation
  • Relieve cognitive overload
  • Refresh creativity
  • Reset your brain

Cognitive overload is a byproduct of our ever-expanding information age. There’s only so much information the human brain can process in a day. Inability to focus, scattered thoughts, creative blocks, irritability and mental fatigue are common signs that you’ve reached your limit and it’s time to hit the refresh button. Not metaphorically, but literally. New research reveals that daydreaming refreshes tired neural networks, offering many rewards, such as:

  • Creative incubation
  • Reinventing self
  • Memory consolidation
  • Goal driven thought
  • Future planning
  • Memory retrieval
  • Contemplation and reflection

This recording contains Alpha and Theta binaural beats to sooth your nerves, and set the stage for the ultimate daydream-meditation session. For maximum brain entrainment benefits, listen with headphones. Completely free of spoken words or subliminal messages, Unplug includes two 30-minute trance-inducing tracks. The dreamy music is a gorgeous blend of lush harmonies combined with alpha and theta binaural beats to encourage deep relaxation and increase vivid imagery. As you listen, your mind will begin to float and drift. Pestering concerns are washed away. Fears vanish, while flashes of insight and imagery sparkle before your mind’s eye. At the end of 30 minutes, you’ll return feeling refreshed, revitalized and perhaps even your next big idea.