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Manifest Love

Attract love, build confidence and strengthen relationships with Brainsync audio technology. These love meditations include guided imagery and potent theta waves, precision tuned to awaken your heart chakra and align you with the universal law of attraction. Read more.

As you relax to the soothing meditation music on these relationship CDs and MP3s, your brain will drift into the hypnogogic theta state. Through the help of guided imagery and meditation, you will be able to tap into the true potential of this dream-like state.

In two decades, nearly 3 million Brain Sync users have experienced the powerful benefits of deep meditation to accelerate healing, learning, recovery and personal growth. Kelly Howell’s brain synchronization technology uses binaural beat therapy and guided meditation to balance the left and right hemispheres, optimizing mental performance and increasing overall brain power through brainwave entrainment.

As you listen to Kelly Howell’s soothing meditation music and guided imagery, your brain activity will effortlessly fall into rhythm with pure binaural beats, precision tuned to help you attain hemispheric synchronization and reach powerful new mental states. A balanced brain brings freedom from fear, worry, and even addictions. Just 30 minutes a day will bring outstanding results.