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Alpha Binaural Beats

Alpha Waves - The Gateway to Relaxation and Creativity

When you begin to relax, brain activity slows from the rapid patterns of beta into the more gentle waves of alpha. In alpha you experience a liberating sense of peace and well-being. Read More.

Pioneers in biofeedback research report that subjects enjoy what Lester Fehmi, PhD calls the "subtle and ineffable" alpha experience. Joe Kamiya, PhD theorizes that its pleasure, may come from the fact that alpha "represents something like letting go of anxieties." Alpha is the gateway into deeper states of consciousness. When alpha waves are strongly present, logical left-brain activity — which normally acts as a filter or censor to the subconscious--drops its guard. This allows the more intuitive, emotional and creative depths of mind to become increasingly influential.

The Alpha state is an intensely pleasurable and relaxed state of consciousness, essential for stress reduction. Alpha is associated with deep physical and mental relaxation, but not quite meditation. Alpha waves instill a sense of mild euphoria, calm your body, reduce Cortisol levels, strengthen your immune system and counteract the negative effects of stress. Alpha waves also increase the production of Melatonin to greatly improve the quality of your sleep.

Increase Creativity
Alpha waves unlock your imagination, bringing creative inspiration from deep within the currents of your own mind. In the Alpha state, awareness expands and fresh creative energy begins to flow. Alpha training helps you tap into higher levels of creativity and is excellent for problem solving, finding new ideas and practicing creative visualization. In Alpha, you can access the wealth of creativity that lies just below your conscious awareness - it is the gateway that leads into deeper states of consciousness.

Improve Mood
Alpha waves increase the production of DHEA to give you a general mood boost and higher optimism. Fears vanish and you feel a sense of buoyancy.

The Schuman Resonance
Alpha is also the home of the window frequency known as the Schuman Resonance 7.83 Hz, the resonant frequency of the earth's electromagnetic field.