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Manifest Prosperity

Brain Sync

Manifest Prosperity


  • Prosperity consciousness
  • Attract wealth
  • Self wholeness
  • Retrain your brain with subliminal messaging

Prosperity and abundance are states of inner-well being that can be cultivated through affirmations and positive thinking. Money and material wealth are actually reflections of our own inner prosperity, and sense of well being. If we believe making and keeping money is a difficult process, it will be. However, if we begin to build on our own inner wealth and abundance - money and wealth will naturally flow to you.

Hidden beneath the sound of ocean waves is subliminal messaging that will fill your inner well of abundance. Additionally, brainwave entrainment technology attunes your mind to Theta binaural beats, which play an important part in behavior modification. Theta waves are associated with heightened receptivity, the perfect state to reprogram your mind for more prosperity. You will begin to cultivate a prosperous attitude towards wealth, and find a limitless supply of inner wholeness and happiness.