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The Brain Sync Method

Brain Sync

The Brain Sync Method


Claim Your Power, Align With Your Vision
& Create A Flourishing Life In Your
40'S, 50'S, & Beyond


  • Overcome inner and outer obstacles that have held you back or blocked your path.
  • Escape the trap of allowing negativity to lower your vibrational state. 
  • Cultivate an unstoppable success mindset, that aligns with deeper purpose. 
  • Program your mind while you sleep, and watch your life totally transform.
  • Get a restful night's sleep. Wake in the morning feeling revitalized and refreshed.

The Brain Sync Method


What Experts Are Saying...

"Kelly Howell's Brain Sync technology is the medicine, psychotherapy, and medication of the future. I recommend her recordings regularly to clients as tools for accelerating healing. If you think The Secret was an inspirational DVD, her Secret Universal Mind Meditation is the one and the only resource I know of that puts the Law of Attraction into action easily and effortlessly."

Lara Honos
Lara Honos Web 
PhD, Author
The Gift of Depression


"For over two decades now, Kelly Howell’s work has been a powerful force for positive change. She has managed to be on the leading edge of innovations that can truly help to transform our lives so that we fully realize the wonderful, creative, powerful beings we really are. She has helped thousands of people improve their lives, and even — for many people — realize their magnificence!"

Mark Allen
Marc Allen
The Magical Path


 "Kelly Howell is the world’s leading innovator in the practical application of brain wave research. Her outstanding meditation and brain synchronization programs provide an elegant way to optimize your full potential."

Tony Buzan
Tony Buzan
The Mind Mapping Book


Time Tested Tools To Create Success In Any Area Of Your Life

Attract Wealth Create Success The Secret Universal Mind Meditation 


1. Attract Wealth While You Sleep

2. Create Success While You Sleep

3. The Secret Universal Mind Meditation

These audio programs are designed to give you an incredible night's sleep while gently reprogramming your subconscious mind for success in health, finance, love and happiness. 

The Art of Money Getting

4. The Art of Money Getting (Ebook)

Learn the golden rules of money-making from a master. 

Align your mind with higher mind for increased synchronicity and fulfillment.


Learn The Only Manifestation Technique You'll Ever Need

Go beyond the basic Laws of Attraction and learn how to focus the power of your desire to align with your purpose and manifest a life of ease, flow and abundance.

Manifestation Secrets imparts the only manifestation technique you'll ever need to create your life how you want it to be.

The companion guided meditation audio takes you deep into the process so you can begin practicing right away.

As you focus the power of desire you can create a life that fulfills you on every level, no matter what your age. 

Discover The Five Frequencies Of Consciousness That Optimize Health, Focus And Productivity

This is the definitive guide to brainwaves based on decades of biofeedback research. You'll discover the five frequencies of consciousness and which states are ideal for many different activities from deep creativity and visionary thinking, to brain optimization for better sleep, focus, and productivity.

As you learn about the different frequencies of consciousness you'll have instant access to peak performance states at will.

Improve your brain's performance now, for any tasks that are important to you. 




"This program has and is working wonders for my family and financial life. It is gradually clearing and removing abundance blocks that we all have in our subconscious minds and replacing those incorrect beliefs with the good stuff!" Don Metzer on Attract Wealth While You Sleep

"Whenever I listen to this regularly,  my phone rings non-stop, and I'm closing deals fast!  I don't understand it, but I love it!  If you have a business. or you are in sales, GET THIS AUDIO! Listen to it every night consistently!" - Katie Woodbridge on Create Success While You Sleep

"I listened to this meditation for around 50 days every night. During that time it slowly but surely turned my life around and put me in the right direction.. I can't recommend it highly enough." - Sean Enseley on The Secret Universal Mind Meditation