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Attract Wealth Binaural Beats by Kelly Howell.

Brain Sync

Attract Wealth While You Work


  • Attract Wealth and Prosperity
  • Build a Healthy Relationship to Money
  • Strengthen Self-Worth

Prosperity and abundance arise from states of inner well-being that can be cultivated through reprogramming your subconscious mind. Money and material wealth are actually reflections of our own inner prosperity and mindset. If you believe making and keeping money is a difficult process, it most likely will be. However, building an unstoppable Wealth Mindset is not as difficult as it might seem.

With subliminal messaging to attract wealth, your mind relaxes into heightened states of receptivity where messages of abundant prosperity are effortlessly absorbed. As the messages are received and retained by your subconscious mind, you'll radiate an energy field that attracts money and wealth to you. Your new beliefs about wealth will begin attracting ideas, people, and happy coincidences that support you by making prosperity a living, breathing reality in your life.

Hidden beneath the soothing soundscape of a quiet forest creek, or a rainy bamboo garden, Gamma binaural beats in the 40hz range focus your mind and give you an extra jolt of energy throughout your day. Listen to this program while you work, drive, at the gym, around the house, or anywhere your life may take you.

Subliminal Affirmations on this Program:

  • Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  • I always have enough money.
  • Money and I are good friends. I love money and money loves me.
  • Money comes easily to me.
  • My income supports my needs and desires.
  • I attract money and money is attracted to me.
  • I attract wealth and prosperity all day everyday.
  • Money is good. Money is energy. Money makes me happy. Making money is good fun.
  • I am paid well. I am rich. I am prosperous. I am successful.
  • Money is everywhere, always, all the time.
  • It’s easy to be rich, happy and successful.
  • I am rich. I am wealthy. I am happy.
  • The more I enjoy life, the more money I make.
  • The more money I make, the more I enjoy life.
  • I’m good with money. And money is good to me.
  • I deserve happiness, ease and abundance. I deserve prosperity.
  • The universe showers me with abundance.
  • I am worthy of making all the money I can imagine.
  • Money effortlessly flows to me.
  • I am rich. I am prosperous. I attract wealth with ease.
  • Prosperity flows freely and generously in my life.