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Lucid Dreaming

Brain Sync

Lucid Dreaming


  • Become conscious within your dreams
  • Improve dream recall
  • Achieve the lucid dream state with ease

All our lives, we’ve been conditioned to be a passive participant in our dreams. We treat dreams as movies projected onto the walls of our minds as we silently sit and watch them go by. In actuality, we are the projectionist, film, and screen, and we have total and absolute control over our dreams. All it takes is the active awareness of the dream state once you are in it. This is known as lucid dreaming, and mastering this mental space can propel your mind and life to new levels.

The realization of the dream state is a reflexive action that can be trained through daily affirmations like the ones buried as subliminal messaging in these tracks. Listen to the soft sounds of ocean waves at your convenience throughout the day and you’ll soon become more and more aware in your dreams.For deeper subconscious programming, track two provides theta binaural beats and brain entrainment technology, ideal to listen to while meditating or falling asleep.