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Increase Creativity

Brain Sync

Increase Creativity


  • Meditation for creativity that will refresh your brain
  • Realize new ideas and insights
  • Enter states of lucid awareness

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling stuck creatively. Now you can hurtle past creative blocks, simply by replenishing your brain with Alpha and Theta waves. Just slip on your headphones, close your eyes, relax and listen to this meditation for creativity. As your brain entrains and is gently massaged into balance, intellect and creativity integrate and you enter the remarkable state known as cross-hemispheric thinking. Alpha and Theta binaural beats dissolve creative blocks. New ideas and insights spontaneously flash into consciousness. You’ll experience a quantum leap in your ability to envision, create, and execute new ideas.

More Benefits
Feelings of wholeness and well-being, a sense of oneness with the cosmos. Timelessness. Vivid imagery. Greater clarity of thought. Opening up to deeper levels of creativity, more peaceful states of mind, and enhanced ability to concentrate.