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Heal Depression While You Sleep

Brain Sync

Heal Depression While You Sleep


  • Boost Mood
  • Improve Sense of Self-Worth
  • Relieve Depression

Depression can feel endless and overwhelming, robbing you of your energy and taking over your life. But with the power of subliminal affirmations, you can find immediate relief from some of the worst symptoms of depression. Affirmations combined with binaural brainwaves can not only boost our sense of self worth, but also give us energy and motivation to tackle the day ahead with ease.

Embedded into the soothing sounds of sounds of a mountain lake at dusk, carefully crafted subliminal messages work to relieve depression and boost positive self-talk. Powerful Delta binaural waves calm your mind for a high quality sleep.

While you sleep, subliminal messages are effortlessly absorbed on deep subconscious levels. When you awake you’ll feel deeply rested, refreshed, and filled with positive energy. This program is perfect to listen to while sleeping, meditating or during times of deep relaxation.