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Relieve Anxiety

Brain Sync

Relieve Anxiety


  • A profound, effective mediation to relieve anxiety
  • Increase optimism and confidence
  • Release tension
  • Cultivate serene, tranquil states of being

Do you ever feel uneasiness or even dread over future uncertainties? Do you worry about things that might or might not happen, or feel burdened by things past? The uneasy, sweaty, apprehension of the anxiety can feel like a thick wet blanket that dampens confidence and stops you from being more YOU.

Relieve Anxiety will help you break the habit of fearful, negative thinking that squelches confidence and sucks the joy out of life. The subliminal messages recorded on this program, coupled with Theta binaural beats, reach deep into your subconscious mind to transform the way you think about the past, experience the present and create your future.

The powerful combination of calming ocean waves, subliminal messaging to relieve anxiety and Theta wave binaural beats entrain your brain and sooth your nervous system, generating deeply pleasurable states of relaxation. With repeated listening, you’ll find yourself facing life with an ease and confidence that flows from deep inside. You’ll look forward to the unknown with healthy optimism, and feel an incredible lightness of being as you release unnecessary worries and concerns that have weighed you down.