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Power Nap

Brain Sync

Power Nap


  • Refresh your brain
  • Expand creativity
  • Improve mood
  • Raise IQ

What do Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, Salvador Dali, and John F. Kennedy all have in common? All of them were brilliant thinkers and leaders, and all of them took daily naps. Napping increases focus, memory and energy. A recent NASA study revealed that a 20-40 minute nap boosted cognition by almost 40%. With this Power Nap program and the encoded Delta and Beta binaural beats, you too can revitalize your mind and discover the power of inner stillness and rest.

Featuring Delta wave binaural beats woven into exclusive Soma Zone nap music designed for dreaming, this meditation for sleep program offers two potent nap tracks that inspire brain entrainment: a 20-minute quick nap, and a longer 40-minute power nap. At the end of each program, Beta waves will gradually wake you up, leaving you feeling aware, focused, and refreshed. These naps provide a fresh burst of new ideas and energy, and eliminate the need for caffeine during the workday.