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Create Success Binaural Beats by Kelly Howell.

Brain Sync

Create Success While You Work


  • Activate Intense Feelings of Self-Worth
  • Increase Confidence
  • Strengthen Intuition
The secret to your success comes from within. The thoughts you think, the beliefs you hold— they have extraordinary power to make or break your chances for success. Sometimes it might seem that no matter how hard you try to succeed there’s always something pulling you down, getting in the way, or holding you back from achieving your dreams. This is because many self-sabotaging patterns reside in the subconscious and are completely unconscious, yet they undermine your best intentions.

Hidden beneath the soothing soundscape of a quiet forest creek, or a rainy bamboo garden, Gamma binaural beats in the 40hz range focus your mind, and give you an extra jolt of energy throughout your day. Listen to this program while you work, drive, at the gym, around the house, or anywhere your life may take you.

Subliminal Affirmations on this Program:

  • I attract amazing opportunities to succeed in life.
  • I excel in all that I do. Success comes naturally to me.
  • I feel calm, confident and powerful. I have all the talent I need to succeed.
  • I love my work, and I love my life.
  • As I allow more abundance into my life, more doors open for me.
  • I love myself and I am loved for who I am.
  • I have an endless supply of ideas that translate into prosperity.
  • I am ready. Open the gateway to success now.
  • Opportunities to succeed surround me. I am fortunate.
  • I am excellent at what I do. My skills and talents are in demand.
  • I am well organized and manage my time efficiently.
  • My vision of success is mine to achieve.
  • I am creating a prosperous, productive and fulfilling life right now.
  • The more I fulfill my potential, the more successful I am.
  • Everyday I hone my skills to succeed in all that I do.
  • My success in life exceeds my expectations.
  • Setbacks are opportunities in disguise. I seize opportunities.
  • Finding solutions comes naturally to me. I am fortunate.
  • Prosperity flows freely in my life.
  • I will achieve my goals. I am achieving my goals right now.
  • I stay focused on my vision.
  • My success is inevitable.
  • All that I seek is seeking me.
  • Good fortune comes to me.
  • Right now I am making my dreams a reality.