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High Focus

  • Increase cognition & concentration
  • Improve hand-eye coordination for sports activities
  • Clear mental “fog” and boost energy

Perhaps your energy is dragging, but you need laser-sharp high focus for a meeting or exam or presentation. Maybe concentrating on a single task has never been one of your strong points. Now you can easily reach high-performance brain states with this meditation music for focus, ideal for increasing cognition and focusing on any task. Nobel Prize-winning scientist Sir Francis Crick believes that the 40hz brainwave frequency used on this program is “key to the act of cognition.” See for yourself.

Simply slip on your headphones, press play, and within minutes your brain waves will entrain to Gamma and Beta waves, becoming organized into a state of “high-coherence.” Gamma and Beta binaural beats create the state of crystal-clear clarity when both hemispheres of your brain become balanced and mental energy is maximized. Suddenly you’ll feel your mind focusing like a laser beam as your brain releases catecholamines, which boost your learning and memory skills.

Use High Focus for:

  • Working on any tasks that require focus and concentration
  • When you need a quick pick-me-up or need to work long hours
  • Studying, writing, number-crunching and problem solving
  • Preparing for competitive sports that require hand-eye coordination, such as tennis or golf.
  • The treatment of ADHD

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  1. High Focus-Chess Review by Ridgerunner

    I've been using the High Focus cd as I play chess. I feel very focused on the game. I can focus on my opponent and my strategy. High Focus is an Excellent program.

  2. Useful Review by Maz

    I actually started using it regularly for a few weeks around 1.5 years ago during exam period. I recently started using it again and noticed that it did make a difference. I think the effects are more noticeable whilst I'm actually listening and working but I'm not sure otherwise. I'll probably keep using it and see! Thanks.

  3. Gets you in the zone! Review by Art

    I was a skeptic, but took the chance. If you want to be able to focus fast on work (especially school work), put on your headphones and listen to this on loop. You'll be in the zone working hard in a few minutes.

  4. Super awesome. Review by Bala

    Amazing product :)

  5. perfect! Review by bliss


  6. Amazingly Effective Review by T

    I was amazed at how well this audio helped me to focus. I've had trouble focusing for years. It is no longer a problem. Its definitely something to use while studying/learning.

  7. Don't feel a noticable change Review by Coltrane

    Don't feel a noticable change

  8. Excellent Review by Ramesh

    All your products including this are wonderful and effective and give excellent results.
    Yours sincerely

  9. Wonderful work Kelly! Review by struggling to finish school

    After listening to High Focus with headphones, I enjoyed listening to poetry by Auden because I was noticing interesting details that usually passed over my head. Half an hour later I could recall a funny line (I've always been terrible at remembering spoken lines of poetry). Another benefit was that I stayed engaged to editing my essay. I'm not sure if I produced a better essay, however my oppressive aversion to writing would dissipate, and for that, Kelly Howell, I am grateful.
    I did feel a little spacey however, so perhaps I should listen for only 30 minutes at a time.

  10. High Focus Review by L.S. - Bastrop, TX

    Several months ago, I started using your Brain Sync CDs personally and with a number of my clients. They have been exceptionally helpful. As an adult with ADD, I find it hard to focus on getting my paperwork done in a timely manner. Not any more. All I have to do is put the High Focus CD on and I am twice as efficient. Thank you for your thoughtful and helpful products. They have added a whole new dimension to my practice.

  11. High Focus Review by M.F.

    Whenever I need to write, dream or create for a new project I put in High Focus. Before I used the tape I would find my mind wandering when I was trying to concentrate. Now my mind is laser sharp and the ideas just flow.

  12. High Focus Review by Stevan Richards

    I have been a using your Brain Sync programs for at least five years now. I use High Focus whenever I am reading or studying information that requires optimal concentration. All through my life I have had very poor reading comprehension, but after many uses of High Focus my reading comprehension took a complete positive reversal. It helped me greatly through college.

  13. High Focus Review by J.S.

    Recently I needed to drive over 600 miles. I listened to High Focus when I got tired and needed to be focused and alert. Even without headphones there was an amazing result. High Focus like digital caffeine.

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Beta Waves Bar 

Beta waves range between 13-40 HZ You are wide-awake, alert. Your mind is sharp, focused. It makes connections quickly, easily, and you're primed to do work that requires your full attention. In the Beta state, neurons fire abundantly, in rapid succession, helping you achieve peak performance. New ideas and solutions to problems flash like lightning into your mind.

Attention Deficit Disorder

Beta training is beneficial for the treatment of ADD.

Increase Cognition

Beta brainwaves help you prepare for an exam, give a presentation, analyze and organize information and other activities where mental alertness and high levels of concentration are key to your success.

40 HZ

is the high beta frequency used on many Brain Sync audio programs which falls into the Gamma Wave range. See Gamma Waves for more details on this powerful brainwave frequency.

Gamma Brainwaves Bar

You are wide awake, intensely focused and alert. Gamma waves, (40 Hz and up) are the fastest of the brainwave frequencies and signify the highest state of focus possible. They are associated with peak concentration and the brain’s optimal frequency for cognitive functioning. Like a pro baseball player counting the stitches on an incoming fastball; in the Gamma state, your brain is running at full capacity.

Increase Clarity and Cognition

The gamma wave is a pattern of brain waves associated with perception and consciousness. Gamma waves work like the glue of the mind, holding and connecting all your senses and thought processes together in a unified whole. Nobel prize winning scientist, Sir Francis Crick believes that the 40Hz frequency may be the key to the act of cognition.

Natural Antidepressant

Gamma activity also works as a natural anti-depressant, boosting your mood, empathy, and compassion.

Relieve ADD and ADHD

Children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD have too much theta activity and not enough high beta, or gamma activity. A common biofeedback treatment for ADD is to suppress theta activity by increasing beta and gamma waves. Use High focus and Pure Focus.

Better Golf Game

Boosting Gamma wave activity will increase energy, focus and concentration, making it ideal for any kind of sport. Gamma Waves improve hand-eye coordination. Listen to High Focus or Pure Focus to improve your game. Golf, tennis, basketball, volley ball or while you're working out at the gym, try Power Training in the Zone, Breakthrough Training, and Running Meditation.

Track 1: Ambient Soundscape + Gamma & Beta Waves - Use Headphones
Track 2: Non-Distracting Sound of Wind + Gamma & Beta Waves - Use Headphones
Running time: 60 Minutes

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High Focus

More Views

  • High Focus
  • High Focus

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