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Free Guided Meditation
We began this program with just one free guided meditation online. Because we've received so much positive feedback, we've added 3 more brainwave meditations to help you reduce stress, optimize mental performance and experience deeper states of relaxation. All you need are a set of headphones and an audio player to begin your Brain Sync meditation journey.



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Receive 4 Free Brainwave Meditations with instructions delivered to Your Inbox

1. Free Guided Meditation features theta waves and guided imagery spoken by Kelly Howell. 

2. Free Brain Refresher features a powerful combination of gamma and delta brain waves to increase clarity of thought while washing away stress. Many people report that this combination of frequencies is like a brain massage that relieves headaches.

3. Free Alpha Wave Meditation features alpha waves, which is the gateway into deeper states of consciousness.  When alpha brain waves become stronger, logical left-brain activity drops its guard. This allows the more intuitive, creative depths of the mind to become increasingly influential. Warning: May cause slight euphoria and heightened creativity

4. Free Theta Wave Meditation features theta waves only. Theta is the brain state of advanced meditation. It is the most elusive and extraordinary brain state you can explore. As you go to deeper levels of theta, bursts of electrical activity called kindling, ignite flashes of insight and inspiration.