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FAQ Topics

 Return Policy & Guarantee
 How does Brain Sync compare to other programs?
 How do I listen to audio samples before purchasing?
 Listening Guide: how and when to listen to the different types of brainwave therapy programs and what they offer
 How long will it take to receive my order?
 I made a purchase. How do I download my files?
 How do I download my MP3 files to my iPhone/iPad/iPod?
 What does it mean if it says ¨expired files¨ when downloading?
 Why do some tracks require headphones?
 How often can I listen to ¨use headphones¨ tracks?
 For subliminal programs, what’s the difference between the "Use Headphones" and the "Listen Anytime" tracks?
 Can I combine multiple brainwave therapy programs?
 How long before I notice results?
 I am not a fluent/native English speaker, can I still benefit from subliminal messaging?
 Are the frequencies or subliminal messages getting stripped away when burning a CD or importing tracks to an MP3 player?