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Brain Power Book

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Brain Power Book



DISCOVER: How to stop mental decline and start  improving your brain right now.

Don't lose your edge as you age! Discover proven techniques to enhance your brain throughout life.

Everyone fears mental deterioration as they age. But you don't need to experience the loss of memory, clarity, focus or a quicker wit.

Drawing on the latest brain research.Kelly Howell and Michael Gelb provide you with the tools and technology to generate new neurons, improve memory and dramatically increase mental clarity.

Leading brain scientists and anti-aging experts reveal the most effective evidence-based techniques and protocols to optimize brain health and increase overall brain power.

The authors provide step-by-step blueprints to reverse the signs of brain age. Plus, you'll instantly receive a set of brain enhancement audios immediately.
Brain Power Book

This book synthesizes the most important things you need to do now to immediately start improving overall brain function.

Leading physicians, gerontologists, and neuroscientists reveal the key habits to stop mental decline and begin optimizing your brain for peak mental performance right now.

The resulting guidance — along with the accompanying downloadable audio programs will help you activate unused brain areas, improve memory, increase focus and creativity as you sharpen every mental faculty.

It's never too late to improve your brain, but now is a good time to start!

Brainwave Training Audios (included) Optimize Mental Performance

  • Program 1 provides a demonstration of how brain wave audio technology balances your brain.
  • Program 2 - Pure Coherence refreshes your brain, clears mental fog, and focuses your mind like a laser beam. It also works as a natural anti-depressant to boost your mood and energy levels. You'll feel alert and energized as your ability to think, concentrate, and store information is improved dramatically.
  • Program 3 - Deep Resonance effortlessly reach depths of meditation that would otherwise take years of practice to attain. As you listen, muscles relax, fears vanish, and stress fades; negative thoughts are washed away by streams of creative insight.
  • Bonus!! SlowWave Sleep - Say goodbye to insomnia. With nightly use of this audio, you'll experience a deeply refreshing nights sleep, establish healthy sleep patterns and awake feeling full of energy.



Everyone should read this book. And if you think you're too young to worry about your brain, get a copy for your parents.

"Brain Power is a well-researched, well-referenced and practical guide to maintaining and improving your mind as you age."

Robert Sheeler, M.D., Medical Editor
Mayo Clinic Health Letter

"Brain Power is beautifully written, weaving science, art and history to provide readers with evidence and practical tools to enhance your brain function so that you can have a brilliant life." 

Eva Selhub, MD
Author, The Love Response Instructor in Medicine Harvard Medical School

"Get it, read it, live it! You will find, on every page, useful and intriguing knowledge, resources, practices, exercises and technologies to unleash your Brain Power and improve your mind as you age."

Tony Buzan
Author, Use Both Sides of Your Brain

"A must-have for anyone interested in wellness and longevity. Kelly Howell and Michael Gelb present us with one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date reviews of simple yet powerful strategies we can all implement to not just preserve, but actually improve the power of our brain as we age. This book is a must-have for anyone interested in wellness and longevity."

Tereza Hubkova, MD
Integrative Specialist, Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA

"Improve your mind and life. This book offers an excellent collection of tools to improve your mind and life. I hope everyone will read this wonderful resource, which can help us all to not just survive but thrive."

Bernie Siegel, M.D
Author of 365 Prescriptions For The Soul and Faith, Hope & Healing

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