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Brain Power Book

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Brain Power Book


As we age, everyone fears mental deterioration beyond the occasional “senior moment.” But in the past thirty years neuroscientists have discovered neuroplasticity — the fact that our brains are actually designed to change and improve throughout life. How do you encourage this improvement? Brain Power shares practical, evidence-based answers in this inspiring, fun-to-read plan for action.

"Brain Power is a well-researched, well-referenced and practical guide to maintaining and improving your mind as you age."

Robert Sheeler, M.D.
Medical Editor
Mayo Clinic Health Letter

Kelly Howell and Michael Gelb have interviewed physicians, gerontologists, and neuroscientists; studied the habits of men and women who epitomize healthy aging; and applied what they describe in their own lives. The resulting guidance — along with the accompanying downloadable Brain Sync audio program — will help you activate unused brain areas, tone mental muscles, and enliven every faculty.

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