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The Secret to Attracting Wealth

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  • The Secret to Attracting Wealth
  • The Secret to Attracting Wealth
  • The Secret to Attracting Wealth
  • The Secret to Attracting Wealth

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The Secret to Attracting Wealth

  • Master the Secret Law of Attracting Wealth
  • Learn how to attract money and abundance

Everyone lives in the world of their own beliefs and those beliefs have energy. Your thoughts emit vibrations that literally act as magnets drawing to you people and circumstances that resonate with what you’re thinking and feeling.

This two-part meditation takes you into a super-deep trance state called Deep Mind, where hypnotic metaphors help you breakthrough limitation. With spoken-word meditations and music with Theta binaural beats, you are guided to The Causal Plane, a very high plane of consciousness where what you visualize has incredible power to manifest.

At this level of mind, you become what you think you are, for truly your thoughts are creative. In the days and weeks to come, your brainwaves will entrain to Theta waves and you’ll start attracting, ideas, opportunities and people to make your prosperity goals a reality. The results are profound. Attract money like a magnet and create abundance as never before.

"Kelly Howell’s work is a powerful force for positive change. She has helped thousands of people to improve their lives, and even--realize their magnificence!"
--Marc Allen, The Greatest Secret of All

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  1. WOW Review by Bertha

    Thank you Kelly for making this beautiful meditation/hypnosis. I bought it yesterday, and have done it 3 times already! it's powerful! I love it!!!! <3 The imagery is vivid, your guidance is beautiful, it makes me feel powerful and hopeful.

  2. I Really Enjoy this CD Review by Survivor

    I have listened to this CD for the last 6 weeks and love it. I am particularly fond of the guided meditation's that Kelly does b/c I'm new to meditation and I find that I flail around still when I listen to only the music (so I use it to fall asleep instead). I would listen to this CD before bed and it would put me in a focused, calm that I was then able to visualize and "tackle" my obstacles. I found that I really looked forward to this treat every night and I've found that "mysteriously" things have been slowly going more my way. My finances have gotten better on their own (I'm currently on disability) and I'm finding that I enjoy making lists of things I've procrastinated on and getting them out of the way and finally done. I know it's not Wealth, but it's enabled me to get my finances in order (from the procrastinating) and know where I stand and to form a budget. I'm not sure how, but usually I don't have any money left over from month to month and this month for the first time, I have an abundance. I'm so grateful! I must admit I was skeptical, but I'm going to keep listening to this CD plus her Meditation I & II discs for the next 12 weeks. Then, I've planned my future and purchased 10 of her other tracks so I'm set for at least quite a bit of 2012. This is MY year, I've decided and I'm not sitting around waiting for it...I'm really creating it. Love, love, love this CD!! Thank you Kelly Howell!!

  3. Beautiful Product Review by Karen

    I purchased the CD Secret to Attracting Wealth a couple of years ago, with the Secret Meditation and Secret Meditation II and listened to it them a few times, put them away in a drawer and forgot about them!! How I wish I hadn't have done that! I came across them again a couple of weeks ago and thought I would give The Secret to Attracting Wealth another try, but the last five days making sure that I listen to it, no matter how tired I feel of a night time, I make myself listen!

    While I haven't manifested great wealth into my life yet, I feel a real change in how I am feeling. I used to get a feeling of dread with regards to finances, I used to stress, worry and get anxious about my financial situation. I am facing redundancy at work; I do secretarial/admin for Social Services (in the UK). At one time the very word redundancy would fill me with dread with the attitude, "how will I cope if I'm made redundant?", it would cause me to have sleepless nights. But now, my attitude is changing, and they are asking people to volunteer for redundancy so they don't have to MAKE too many people redundant....guess what? I'm volunteering!!! I know that sounds mad, but I have been working there for 17 years, and it's time for change. I also qualified as a hypnotherapist last December and have booked myself to train as an EFT practitioner, so there's a reason why things happen; I'm just not supposed to be there anymore. So this wonderful CD has shifted my thinking to "Holy s***, what am I going to do?" to shrugging my shoulders and saying, "What the heck, time to move on and work as a hypnotherapist which is what I qualified as".

    I'm feeling far more positive and really look forward to my nightly sessions of listening to the CD. And Kelly has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard! Kelly you have the voice of an Angel and listening to you just instantly lifts me, it feels like being wrapped in a warm soft blanket!!

    I have today placed an order for 4 mp3s, Manifest Prosperity, Fulfill Your Hearts Desire, Create Success and Stop Procrastinating. I can't wait to download them! I will let you know how I get on!!

    With love

    Karen, UK customer

  4. Disappointed... Review by Adonya

    I own quite a few of Kelly's products, and I'm not thrilled to write a not-so-positive review for this one. However, this meditation lacked the slow pace and soothing tones of Kelly's typical guidance. It felt somewhat rushed, and at one point, I was actually startled because she began speaking so abruptly. It was disruptive considering I was in the "deep mind" state and hanging out in the causal plane.

    I would suggest purchasing another product if you're looking to attract more prosperity and what-not.

  5. The Secret to Attracting Wealth Review by elizabeth

    This Cd as well as the slim cd has lead to the most amazing transformation in my life! Originally I had bought the sleep cd for my lover and it actually worked for and nothing else ever did.. So then I figured I would try the abundance and slim cd for myself.. ahhhh these cds are wonderful to me.. They are so rejuvinating,The voice is so comforting. I used to struggle with poverty but slowly with the help of this cd and other affirmations I have released some of my old thought patterns that were restricting energy.. I recieved 3000 dollars from unexpected sources. My lover has been listening to it and recieved 1500 from unexpected sources and this was all in just the last couple of weeks since we got the CD.

  6. The Secret to Attracting Wealth Review by Teresa

    I have been listening to this cd for about 6 wks. It is the second I bought. The first was The Secret Universal Mind Meditation which has really helped remove blocks of stagnation in my life. Since I've been listening to the attracting wealth cd there have been subtle shifts in my financial situation. My finances have steadily increased and the most dramatic shift has been in my own attitude about money. I just don't worry about it. It has become so clear to me that wealth is not about money and neither is abundance. And as I shift those old beliefs, my finances continue to improve. I am grateful for these cds.

  7. The Secret to Attracting Wealth Review by Sarah

    I have been listening to this meditation for just over 1 week and have just found out that I am receiving a sizable raise at work! This is so incredible!

  8. The Secret to Attracting Wealth Review by Tomomi


  9. The Secret to Attracting Wealth Review by Vishal G.

    I have 8 of Kelly's programs. I bought my last one exactly one year ago. It was The Secret Universal Mind Meditation. In my opinion, it is the greatest piece of work by Kelly so far. I loved it at all levels. I had been looking for a guided meditation high and low for a few weeks. I came across a few free ones and also came across one which was in tape form. I then came over to Brainsync and wished and was also on the verge of writing to Kelly to create a guided meditation on wealth. The tape version which I planned to buy in the first week of this year, I didn't. I was just procrastinating and getting lazy to buy it. Then today I received this email from Brainsync on the latest of Kelly's works and I KNEW it had to be something on Wealth. I was right. In fact she came up with 3 new CDs. I just listened to their excerpts. Kelly has undoubtedly got one of the best meditation voices I have come across in my life! There is something about her. Kelly, I listened to the excerpt intro of your new CDs and I cried each time I listened to them, especially when you said the word "This" in statements such as: "This is the secret alchemical process...". There is a beauty in which you say the word "This". This 3 new CDs will bring my collection to 11! I am completely excited and can't wait to try em'. I will give a more complete review on each of these CDs once I've listened to them. Kelly, what is the music that you use when you describe your CDs in the intro section. I love it especially since it has guitar parts and since I also play the guitar. Can you tell me where I can download the original instrumental for this? Keep up the good work and god bless you always and at all levels.

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Theta Brainwaves Bar

Going deeper into a trance-like state of meditation, you enter the mysterious Theta state where brain activity slows almost to the point of sleep, but not quite. Theta is one of the more elusive and extraordinary realms you can explore. It is also known as the twilight state which you normally only experience fleetingly upon waking, or drifting off to sleep.

Dreamlike Imagery, Inspiration & Insight

In Theta, you are in a waking dream, receptivity is heightened and you are able to access knowledge and information that normally lies beyond your conscious awareness. As flashes of vivid imagery dance before your mind's eye, you may feel a "floating" sensation as your mind expands beyond the boundaries of your body. In this deeply relaxed state don't be surprised to receive sudden insights, inspiration or a sense of knowing.


Theta rests directly on the threshold of your subconscious. Advanced meditators are able to enter the Theta state and maintain it without falling to sleep. Theta meditation lowers blood pressure, releases endorphins, increases creativity and awakens extrasensory perception.

Theta also plays an important part in behavior modification programs and has been used in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Because theta brainwave activity induces an "endorphin high" it can reduce the desire for mind altering substances. Also, because theta is associated with heightened receptivity, it is the ideal state to reprogram your mind with positive thoughts that assist in changing habits and behaviors.

Super Learning, Long-Term Memory and Self-Hypnosis

Theta is an ideal state for super learning, storing information in long term memory, re-programming your mind, dream recall, and self-hypnosis. The theta frequency is recognized as the gateway to learning and memory. What is learned in theta get's stored in long term memory. Children under the age of 5 learn more in their first few years of life, because they are primarily in the theta state.

Track 1: Instructions
Track 2:
Guided Meditation - Use Headphones
Track 3: Meditation Music + Theta Waves - Use Headphones
Running Time: 60 minutes

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The Secret to Attracting Wealth - CD
The Secret to Attracting Wealth - MP3
The Secret to Attracting Wealth

More Views

  • The Secret to Attracting Wealth
  • The Secret to Attracting Wealth
  • The Secret to Attracting Wealth
  • The Secret to Attracting Wealth

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In two decades, nearly 3 million Brain Sync users have experienced the powerful benefits of deep meditation to accelerate healing, learning, recovery and personal growth. Kelly Howell’s brain synchronization technology uses binaural beat therapy and guided meditation to balance the left and right hemispheres, optimizing mental performance and increasing overall brain power through brainwave entrainment.

As you listen to Kelly Howell’s soothing meditation music and guided imagery, your brain activity will effortlessly fall into rhythm with pure binaural beats, precision tuned to help you attain hemispheric synchronization and reach powerful new mental states. A balanced brain brings freedom from fear, worry, and even addictions. Just 30 minutes a day will bring outstanding results.