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Fulfill Your Heart's Desire

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  • Fulfill Your Heart's Desire
  • Fulfill Your Heart's Desire

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Fulfill Your Heart's Desire

  • Increase your attracting force
  • Gain clarity of intention
  • Accelerate manifestation
  • Generate states of joy and well-being

Do you ever have the feeling that your life isn’t as satisfying as it could be? Do you have long-held hopes and dreams that have not been fulfilled? Or have you spent so much time caring for others that you forgot to take care of yourself? No matter how far away you think you are from enjoying a satisfying life, the change you long for can happen in the blink of an eye. And the best time to start is right now. Here’s how.

Each and every day you create your life from your inner state of being. The thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, and the beliefs you hold generate a field of energy from which you act and attract. The problem is that we’re often attracting and acting from states of lack, limitation, fear or doubt. And so, our results in life aren’t anywhere near as satisfying as they could be.

In the first part of this powerful guided meditation, you are encouraged to explore and discover your heart’s deepest needs and desires. This helps you gain clarity of intention and focus. Next, you are guided to imagine those desires being fulfilled. A soothing bed of music includes Theta binaural beats that facilitate brainwave entrainment, resulting in the manifestation of your intentions. 

Each time you listen it will become easier for you to generate feelings of absolute and total fulfillment. You’ll be able to “trick” your mind and body into feeling as though what you desire has already happened. As you embrace your heart’s desire and embody feelings of joy, you’ll generate a force field of positive energy that attracts the very things you long for.

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  1. Awesome Product! Review by CS

    This mp3 helped me to manifest one of my desires. It also made me feel positive and great.

  2. Fulfill Your Heart's Desire Review by Karen

    Too beautiful for words!!!!

    What can I say, I don't think any words can describe how gorgeous this recording is!!!! I purchased this recording yesterday and listened to it a couple of times last night. I had the most amazing dreams that I had attracted a couple of my heart's desires. I was visualizing them happening while I was listening to the track and when I dreamt them the dreams were so vivid, almost as if something was telling me that I am going to get what I desire.......I believe that they will walk from of my desires and dreams and into my life!!!!

    I will let you know how things are going in another four weeks.

  3. Absolutely Amazing! Review by this tape changed my life

    This tape and the universal secret meditation tapes have been incredible for me. I recommend this to ANYONE who has dreams and aspirations but feel doubts and insecurities from time to time. Listen to this meditation for a few weeks and watch those feelings disappear..

  4. The Only tape you need Review by Heart's Desire

    Save your money -- If life is going to change you THIS TAPE does it all. Money, Success, Relaxation, Sleep, Faith, Attract Love, Prosperity, Stress Management, and what ever other desires you may have. This music will send you into total bliss.

  5. Favorite of all Review by Alicia

    This is my favorite of all the CDs. To me it feels like a great "feel good" CD-- if you're ever in a slump or bad mood, it has a way of bringing you out of it. The underlying theme of "anything is possible" helps one overcome doubts and insecurities and leaves one with a feeling that everything will work out in the end...

  6. Absolutely love the "Desire" MP3 Review by Beth

    I have downloaded the MP3 on my ipod and it has been a godsend. Before using, I was in a negative funk and couldn't get out of it. Since I have been using this MP3, however, I have been more relaxed and less worried about lack and limitations. I have also been more motivated and inspired to do things that I have been putting off. I feel confident, the more I continue to listen the creative and inspired I will become.

  7. Fulfill Your Heart's Desire Review by Barbara

    Once again Kelly has created a powerful meditation that takes you past your mundane thinking and actually creates the bodily awareness of the truth of our abundance. I have been struggling lately and this meditation got me out of my funk and into the world again, with renewed hope and awareness of the truth that I manifest my deepest desires. So often we forget and allow those mundane thoughts to rule our outlook. I highly recommend this one as well.

  8. Fulfill Your Heart's Desire Review by A. A-Z.

    Desire opened up my mind to the possibilities of the universe and our ability to make our dreams a reality. But also, to increase my desire to follow my dreams.

  9. Fulfill Your Heart's Desire Review by D.I. - Pikesville, MD

    I love the Brain Sync tape called Desire…I meditate on the outcome I desire, listen to the CD, and see the things I want to happen, happening. I'm more productive, more positive, and more importantly…unstoppable!

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Theta Brainwaves Bar

Going deeper into a trance-like state of meditation, you enter the mysterious Theta state where brain activity slows almost to the point of sleep, but not quite. Theta is one of the more elusive and extraordinary realms you can explore. It is also known as the twilight state which you normally only experience fleetingly upon waking, or drifting off to sleep.

Dreamlike Imagery, Inspiration & Insight

In Theta, you are in a waking dream, receptivity is heightened and you are able to access knowledge and information that normally lies beyond your conscious awareness. As flashes of vivid imagery dance before your mind's eye, you may feel a "floating" sensation as your mind expands beyond the boundaries of your body. In this deeply relaxed state don't be surprised to receive sudden insights, inspiration or a sense of knowing.


Theta rests directly on the threshold of your subconscious. Advanced meditators are able to enter the Theta state and maintain it without falling to sleep. Theta meditation lowers blood pressure, releases endorphins, increases creativity and awakens extrasensory perception.

Theta also plays an important part in behavior modification programs and has been used in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Because theta brainwave activity induces an "endorphin high" it can reduce the desire for mind altering substances. Also, because theta is associated with heightened receptivity, it is the ideal state to reprogram your mind with positive thoughts that assist in changing habits and behaviors.

Super Learning, Long-Term Memory and Self-Hypnosis

Theta is an ideal state for super learning, storing information in long term memory, re-programming your mind, dream recall, and self-hypnosis. The theta frequency is recognized as the gateway to learning and memory. What is learned in theta get's stored in long term memory. Children under the age of 5 learn more in their first few years of life, because they are primarily in the theta state.

Track 1: Guided Meditation + Relaxation Music + Theta Waves - Use Headphones
Track 2: Relaxation Music + Theta Waves - Use Headphones
Running time: 60 Minutes

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Fulfill Your Heart's Desire - CD
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Fulfill Your Heart's Desire

More Views

  • Fulfill Your Heart's Desire
  • Fulfill Your Heart's Desire

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As you relax to the soothing meditation music on these relationship CDs and MP3s, your brain will drift into the hypnogogic theta state. Through the help of guided imagery and meditation you will be able to tap into the true potential of this dream like state.

In two decades, nearly 3 million Brain Sync users have experienced the powerful benefits of deep meditation to accelerate healing, learning, recovery and personal growth. Kelly Howell’s brain synchronization technology uses binaural beat therapy and guided meditation to balance the left and right hemispheres, optimizing mental performance and increasing overall brain power through brainwave entrainment.

As you listen to Kelly Howell’s soothing meditation music and guided imagery, your brain activity will effortlessly fall into rhythm with pure binaural beats, precision tuned to help you attain hemispheric synchronization and reach powerful new mental states. A balanced brain brings freedom from fear, worry, and even addictions. Just 30 minutes a day will bring outstanding results.