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Guided Relaxation

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  • Guided Relaxation

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Guided Relaxation

  • Relieve stress and tension
  • Replenish your energy
  • Increase creativity
  • Generate powerful states of wholeness and well-being

When you're feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or completely worn out, Guided Relaxation is one of the easiest ways to restore balance. Alpha waves, associated with relaxation, creativity and states of well-being, are harmonically layered in soothing music. Your brainwaves entrain and you are guided through gentle relaxation techniques to relieve tension. This recording is a profoundly nurturing guided meditation to relieve stress that has helped millions.

In a state of calm reverie you enter an inner sanctuary, a magical garden that you can return to again and again to restore your sense of self. You'll learn how to generate powerful states of being that will contribute to an ever increasing sense of well-being in your life.  At the end of 30 minutes, you re-emerge into the world cleansed, revitalized, and ready to tackle any challenges with a fresh attitude. Track 1 is a guided meditation while Track 2 delivers Alpha binaural beats and relaxation music, allowing you to unwind at your own pace.

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  1. Excellent Review by Dena

    Been listening to this one for years and love it! It has helped me relax so my better. My stress level goes way down and I seem more positive.

  2. Wonderful Program! Review by Markie

    I suffer from fibromyalgia, and as such have always been an insomniac. A recent bout of cancer and resulting chemotherapy made that insomnia so much worse. A sleep study years ago determined that I had zero stage 4 deep sleep and only 4% REM sleep during an 8 hour study.

    This program not only helps me get to sleep, but it improves the quality of my sleep as well. When I use the program, which is generally nightly, I actually remember having dreamed when I wake the next day, and often I can remember the content of those dreams. This is something I've not experienced in a long time!

    I've got several of Kelly Howell's programs, and I love them all! Keep up the great work!

  3. Gurdhian Review by Gurdhian

    This is a good cd for relaxation. The ocean sounds are calming. The music paired with the waves is by-and-large conducive to relaxation. There is a brief segment in the second of the two tracks that is a bit more intensely new age sounding, or eerily computerish, and that short segment created a very minor bit of tension. Not enough tension to ruin the whole CD, however. There are momentary inclusions of almost muffled sea bird calls in a few spots, which I found more distracting than relaxing. Fortunately these two negatives are brief and did not ruin the usefulness of the CD. Overall it is very useful for relaxing, and reducing tension. Playing it while working, or when trying to unwind is very useful. While I did try using it for sleep for a week, it did not aid me in reaching deeper sleep during the night. However, it did not disturb my sleep; did not cause me to wake up (unlike other cds). Overall 4 out of 5 for its calming influence. Worth the money.

  4. Simply Amazing !! Review by timus

    This product is a great stress buster. It gently guides you to relieve all our tensions. I used to suffer from a lot of anxiety. After listening to guided relaxation, I have started to feel a lot better. Now I can easily drift away from all my problems.
    I greatly thank Kelly Howell for making such a product.

  5. stress and anxiety relief Review by Katie

    I have incorporated this guided relaxation into my weekly routine. I love it because it gives me the opportunity to be in the moment and to be totally at peace with myself. It helps me when I am suffering from anxiety symptoms also.

  6. Works great! Review by John

    This product is amazing! Well worth the money. It is just so relaxing and calming. Really helped me with my stress level, I have seen programs like this that are a lot more expensive but this is affordable, and it works!

  7. Special Review by Jerry

    This is maybe my favorite of the one's I own. The simpleness of the relaxation and meditation in the garden hides a deeper relaxation and connection that can be found while using this CD. I especially use this one when I am having some stressful times and needing to release from them and return myself to thinking of what I want, not what I don't want. I fall asleep and awake feeling refreshed and renewed.

  8. Guided Relaxation Review by Karan

    This CD is perfect, I have a hard time letting the day end, and I hard to getting to sleep. Listening to this for the first time I was put into a very relaxed state and had the best sleep. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep, I keep this next to my bed and within minutes I am fast asleep again. Thanks for a great product. Karan, CA

  9. Guided Relaxation Review by S.S. - Spencerport, NY

    I've been struggling with chronic migraines for 2 years. My neurologist suggested biofeedback training. The first part of my training required that I learn how to relax deeply. With the help of your Guided Relaxation tape, I was able to learn to relax completely. I actually learned how to let the pain melt away for a little while. Now I'm getting back to a more active lifestyle and still use Brain Sync tapes and CDs as part of my daily treatment.

  10. Guided Relaxation Review by Hazlet, NJ

    My uncle died at 49 from a stroke and my father of a heart attack at 55. At 44, I suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. I came through it okay. But given my family history, I was really scared and I wound up with frequent, severe anxiety attacks. My therapist recommended Brain Sync's Guided Relaxation tape and it's really helped. It even helps my migraines clear faster. I've started keeping the tape and tape player in the glove compartment of my car so I always have it with me. When I feel an attack coming on, I stop and listen to the tape and within seconds, I can feel my anxiety begin to subside."

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The Alpha state is an intensely pleasurable and relaxed state of consciousness, essential for stress reduction. Alpha is associated with deep physical and mental relaxation, but not quite meditation. Alpha waves instill a sense of mild euphoria, calm your body, reduce Cortisol levels, strengthen your immune system and counteract the negative effects of stress. Alpha waves also increase the production of Melatonin to greatly improve the quality of your sleep.

Increase Creativity

Alpha waves unlock your imagination, bringing creative inspiration from deep within the currents of your own mind. In the Alpha state, awareness expands and fresh creative energy begins to flow. Alpha training helps you tap into higher levels of creativity and is excellent for problem solving, finding new ideas and practicing creative visualization. In Alpha, you can access the wealth of creativity that lies just below your conscious awareness - it is the gateway that leads into deeper states of consciousness.

Improve Mood

Alpha waves increase the production of DHEA to give you a general mood boost and higher optimism. Fears vanish and you feel a sense of buoyancy.

The Schuman Resonance

Alpha is also the home of the window frequency known as the Schuman Resonance 7.83 Hz, the resonant frequency of the earth's electromagnetic field.

Track 1: Guided Relaxation + Meditation Music + Alpha Waves - Use Headphones
Track 2: Meditation Music + Alpha Waves - Use Headphones
Running Time: 60 Minutes

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Guided Relaxation - CD
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Guided Relaxation

More Views

  • Guided Relaxation
  • Guided Relaxation

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