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Deep Insight

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Deep Insight

  • Binaural beats meditation for thinking “outside the box”
  • Blast through creative blocks
  • Access knowledge from the subconscious and super-conscious mind
  • Release stress and anxiety

Perhaps you’ve got some challenges or deadlines that call for imaginative solutions, but you’re feeling blocked. Or maybe you’re at one of life’s crossroads and need to search your soul for answers. Now you can do what great thinkers and spiritual masters do to get answers and insights: Go within, enter the mysterious Theta state and discover the vast storehouse of knowledge available to you.

Theta is the gateway to the subconscious and superconscious mind. In Deep Insight, Theta binaural beats allow you to access wisdom that lies beyond the borders of normal awareness. Through brainwave entrainment meditation music embedded with Theta waves, you enter this waking dream-like state that stimulates deeper connections between brain cells and allows you to access higher levels of creativity. In Theta, new ideas and insights spontaneously flash before your mind’s eye, in what is known as a “Eureka Event.” At the end of your inward journey, you’ll feel clear, lucid and revitalized at the deepest levels. 

Use Deep Insight for:

  • Super learning
  • Receiving inner direction and insights
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Behavior modification
  • Improving memory

Important MP3 download information

  1. Experience OBE Review by Sandy

    This track allows me to get so relaxed I am able to achieve "Out of Body Experiences". Truly amazing. Feels like I'm gliding through space and flying around the universe.

    After listening - my mind, body, and soul are reset and I fully understand that everything in life is OK. No worries. I am in the hands of a higher Power and have complete trust and faith in this Power.

  2. Pure Magic! Review by Jason

    I am listening to this beautiful and love inspiring track at the moment and can't believe it. I simply have no words for what I'm experiencing. All I can say is this mind has no limit...I now have no doubt. From the beginning of the angelic music I could feel and see the possibility of pure consciousness...The unbelievable vision into my own self and all of humanity was pure and unmistakably true. I can now say without doubt I have found myself to be so much more than a mere personality. I see that I am reality dancing in love with all that is.

  3. Superb music for Self-hypnosis etc Review by Christopher

    I love this track and it's very long so you can get into deep meditation with it. I have used the first part (with the real cool and nice music) of the track for Self-hypnosis for about 15-20 minutes and it's working great to get in that sleepy state while awake. Sometimes I listen to the whole track for deeper meditation and it's awesome! Kelly's CD's are the best in my opinion and do wonders for your brain and life. Do remember that changes don't come over night - You must practice for several weeks (2-5) and have a strong belief and be willing to change. Then you will see the changes come to you in the most strange ways like gifts from a Cosmic force. I also recommend "The Secret Universal Mind II".

  4. Deep Insight Review by D.B. - Denver, CO

    I am undergoing Neurofeedback training and I bought Deep Insight. My MD, upon hooking up the EEG equipment, noticed a change after I listened to the tape for the first time. She commented 'look how relaxed you are -- what did you do differently?' The proof of my feeling better and the power of your relaxation tapes was there on the screen - I was deep in theta state, not up in beta.

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Instructions for Listening:

Listen to this program daily for either thirty or sixty minutes a day to train your brain to develop more Theta activity. Regular use will enhance overall mental performance.

What You Can Expect:

  • Increased creativity
  • Fresh ideas and inspiration
  • Enhanced ability to focus and concentrate
  • Expanded awareness

Theta Brainwaves Bar

Going deeper into a trance-like state of meditation, you enter the mysterious Theta state where brain activity slows almost to the point of sleep, but not quite. Theta is one of the more elusive and extraordinary realms you can explore. It is also known as the twilight state which you normally only experience fleetingly upon waking, or drifting off to sleep.

Dreamlike Imagery, Inspiration & Insight

In Theta, you are in a waking dream, receptivity is heightened and you are able to access knowledge and information that normally lies beyond your conscious awareness. As flashes of vivid imagery dance before your mind's eye, you may feel a "floating" sensation as your mind expands beyond the boundaries of your body. In this deeply relaxed state don't be surprised to receive sudden insights, inspiration or a sense of knowing.


Theta rests directly on the threshold of your subconscious. Advanced meditators are able to enter the Theta state and maintain it without falling to sleep. Theta meditation lowers blood pressure, releases endorphins, increases creativity and awakens extrasensory perception. Theta also plays an important part in behavior modification programs and has been used in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Because theta brainwave activity induces an "endorphin high" it can reduce the desire for mind altering substances. Also, because theta is associated with heightened receptivity, it is the ideal state to reprogram your mind with positive thoughts that assist in changing habits and behaviors.

Super Learning, Long-Term Memory and Self-Hypnosis

Theta is an ideal state for super learning, storing information in long term memory, re-programming your mind, dream recall, and self-hypnosis. The theta frequency is recognized as the gateway to learning and memory. What is learned in theta get's stored in long term memory. Children under the age of 5 learn more in their first few years of life, because they are primarily in the theta state.

Track 1: Meditation Music + Theta Waves - Use Headphones
Running Time:
Approximately 50 Minutes

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Deep Insight

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  • Deep Insight
  • Deep Insight

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