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Clear Wave Creativity

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  • Clear Wave Creativity
  • Clear Wave Creativity

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Clear Wave Creativity

  • Creativity and inspiration
  • Expanded Awareness
  • Mood Enhancement

Unlock your imagination, and experience inspiration flowing from deep within the currents of your own mind. Under the calming sounds of Mayan waves, Alpha binaural beats will swiftly melt away the day’s worries, and spark higher levels of creativity, intuition, and awareness.

This meditation music for creativity employs alpha waves that are known to increase production of DHEA and melatonin, slowing the aging process and improving sleep. They also reduce cortisol levels, to relieve stress, improve health and boost to your immune system.

With regular use and brainwave entrainment, you’ll notice, improved creativity and cognitive functioning, but also a general mood boost, higher optimism, and even psychic or intuitive insights. Alpha waves have a positive effect on everything from our mood to our immune system to our sleep. So put your headphones on and relax into the sounds of the Mayan ocean. Let your stress fade away, and open to your true creative potential.

WARNING: May cause slight euphoria.

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  1. Soothing and relaxing Review by Tyanne

    I have used this program several times and I did get very significant results. Higher optimism and renewed creativity and interested in learning new things... really do make me feel happier and more peaceful. Impressive.

  2. WOW!! Review by sachasuzanne

    I have only been a customer for a couple of weeks and this is one of the 'further on' purchases I made.
    For someone who is bad at keeping on track and basically lazy even tho I have all the intentions, after the first listening, I was up and about and pulling stuff out my wardrobe, doing lots of washing, clearing cluttered areas and cleaning my place with a enjoyment and sense of satisfaction I have not experienced before!!
    This is a great day time piece and would recommend it to anyone who wants to 'get on' with something but are unsure where to start. The path is cleared easily with this one ..... enjoy! Thanks again Kelly :)

  3. great product Review by dee

    I loved this download. I don't know about anyone else but as I used this download I experienced flashes of lights that were colorful. My mood is complete happiness and now i am looking forward to my next session and yes this was just the first session and i made sure I listened to it for the complete hour...

  4. My favorite so far Review by Thuy-Hong

    I own several Brain Sync CD's. So far, Clear Wave Creativity is my favorite! I enjoy listening to the soothing sound of the ocean waves. I have been using the CD for almost five weeks now and noticed the significant difference in my stress reduction. I use it to relax and take short naps. I find it works best in late afternoon. Then I use the Secret Universal Meditation CD when I go to sleep. Thank you Kelly Howell and Team!

  5. very usefull Review by Axa9

    i like it

  6. 3 star Review by Nat

    Most of Kelly Howell's brainwave entrainment productions are excellent.

  7. love it Review by vari

    i loved it

  8. Best Alpha Experience Ever Review by Ritchie

    I have tried many soundtracks from other people that claim to create an alpha state but none can do better than this. I felt incredible euphoria and I was so incredibly relaxed. I have since bought the other 3 "wave" series and found them to be equally as effective.

    I can't thank you enough Kelly Howell for helping me create such mind blowing experiences!

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The Alpha state is an intensely pleasurable and relaxed state of consciousness, essential for stress reduction. Alpha is associated with deep physical and mental relaxation, but not quite meditation. Alpha waves instill a sense of mild euphoria, calm your body, reduce Cortisol levels, strengthen your immune system and counteract the negative effects of stress. Alpha waves also increase the production of Melatonin to greatly improve the quality of your sleep.

Increase Creativity

Alpha waves unlock your imagination, bringing creative inspiration from deep within the currents of your own mind. In the Alpha state, awareness expands and fresh creative energy begins to flow. Alpha training helps you tap into higher levels of creativity and is excellent for problem solving, finding new ideas and practicing creative visualization. In Alpha, you can access the wealth of creativity that lies just below your conscious awareness - it is the gateway that leads into deeper states of consciousness.

Improve Mood

Alpha waves increase the production of DHEA to give you a general mood boost and higher optimism. Fears vanish and you feel a sense of buoyancy.

The Schuman Resonance

Alpha is also the home of the window frequency known as the Schuman Resonance 7.83 Hz, the resonant frequency of the earth's electromagnetic field.

Track 1: Alpha Waves + Ocean Waves - Use Headphones
Running Time: 60 Minutes

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Clear Wave Creativity

More Views

  • Clear Wave Creativity
  • Clear Wave Creativity

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