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Brain Massage

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  • Brain Massage
  • Brain Massage

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Brain Massage

  • Meditation music to refresh your brain
  • Wash away stress and tension
  • Relieve headaches
  • Overcome stressful feelings

You're thrashed. It's been a hard day and you feel the pressure of mental overload. No worries. Simply slip on your headphones and listen to Brain Massage meditaiton music with binaural beats. At the end of thirty minutes you will feel cleansed and refreshed at the deepest levels.

Completely free of spoken words or guidance, this program harmonically layers Gamma (40Hz) and Delta waves to massage your brain into relaxation. As your brainwaves entrain to Gamma binaural and Delta binaural beats, you'll tingle all over with a rush of cleansing energy swirling through your mind and body. A revitalizing flood of positive energy is released as your autonomic nervous system relaxes into deep states of reverie. 

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  1. Brilliant effects Review by Sajju87

    I have been using brain sync and its results are fantastic, I recommend everyone to listen to these sounds.

  2. One of my favorites!!!! Review by Summer

    Over the last 10 years I have come very close to ordering every CD program that "Brain Sync" has to offer. I use them all on a regular basis and when I'm having a particularly rough period in my life they are my lifesaver. I have found ALL of them helpful.
    When I can't decide which one to reach for, I always reach for "Brain Massage". It's like giving your brain a massage AND a facial. It's deep cleansing, wonderfully relaxing, washes away what you don't need, and leaves you feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to face the world again enthusiastically.
    Might sound corny, but it's true.

  3. Saved my life Review by Lisaka

    Actually the title of this review might not be an overstatement. I was going through the roughest time of my life last spring. Went down into a hole and I wasn't sure I was coming back out. I had had "Brain Massage" for a while and for some reason decided to try it again. This CD literally gave me enough balance to keep going. I've also had "The Secret Meditation II" for a while (got to review that one also) and am using it again. This economy has been tough for our small business, but oddly enough, when I think everything's going to come out okay, low and behold it does. Long and short of it, this is a fantastic CD!

  4. Fantastic!! Review by sachasuzanne

    This was my first of many that I have purchased from Kelly. I have bought several hypnosis MP3s over the last few years and yet seem to have come an awful lot further in the two weeks I have been listening to Kelly's.
    This is a great one to begin with I feel and I listen to it at different times of the day, after a few days I realized I wasn't getting wound up about 'anything' and this has continued and I have begun to slip into the meditation much faster the more I do it.
    I really love this and think it is a perfect one for new 'Kelly Clients' to try.
    I feel more calm more consistently and more motivated than I have in over 15 years!!
    Appreciated Kelly - thank you :)

  5. Very relaxing Review by M C

    I remember the first time listening to this title the relaxation was immediate, so I would expect the same to be true especially if you've never listened to bi-neural beat recordings before, or this particular title. If you listen to it all the time it may not happen every time, but then again your brain may be generally more relaxed too.

  6. Brain Power Review by T.R.

    I am a writer and student. Just about everything in my life depends on quick thinking and creativity. Before I bought Brain Power I had many thoughts and ideas cluttering my mind. After I using the CD I have experienced more creativity, my mind is more focused, and my concentration has increased. It works.

  7. Brain Massage Review by G.B.

    As soon as Brain Massage starts I can actually feel the left side of my brain respond to the sounds in a startlingly wonderful feeling. I use your tapes mostly to help me sleep, and have found with this particular tape I wake up with a wonderful feeling of joy, mental and physical alertness and maintain it throughout the day. Even when working a twelve hour night shift.

  8. Brain Massage Review by J.K.

    I absolutely love Brain Massage. It is such a treat to immerse myself in those wonderful sounds that wash away stress and anxiety leaving me feeling refreshed, relaxed and renewed. It's like a "Brain Spa!"

  9. Brain Massage Review by B.S.

    In 1993 I was very stressed out and having migraine headaches. I bought Brain Massage. Each time I listened to it I became more relaxed. I use it to get to sleep every night...I will not give it up till it will no longer play...thank you very much for the peace and rest it has afforded me.

  10. Brain Massage Review by J.C. - Honolulu, HI

    About a year ago, for no apparent reason, I started to feel really depressed. One morning I woke up in a panic and went to a nearby bookstore looking for a meditation tape that might help. I found the Brain Massage CD and it was perfect! The relaxing sounds have made me feel like my old self. It was close to miraculous!

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Beta Waves Bar

Beta waves range between 13-40 HZ You are wide-awake, alert. Your mind is sharp, focused. It makes connections quickly, easily, and you're primed to do work that requires your full attention. In the Beta state, neurons fire abundantly, in rapid succession, helping you achieve peak performance. New ideas and solutions to problems flash like lightning into your mind.

Attention Deficit Disorder

Beta training is beneficial for the treatment of ADD.

Increase Cognition

Beta brainwaves help you prepare for an exam, give a presentation, analyze and organize information and other activities where mental alertness and high levels of concentration are key to your success.

40 HZ

is the high beta frequency used on many Brain Sync audio programs which falls into the Gamma Wave range. See Gamma Waves for more details on this powerful brainwave frequency.

In the Delta state you are sound asleep. Delta waves are the slowest of all five brainwave frequencies and range between 0-4 Hz.

Relieve Insomnia

Slow Wave Sleep or SWS, is the deepest of sleep states and it plays a vital role in health and well being. During this phase of the sleep cycle, the brain begins producing very slow, large Delta waves. Even if your lifestyle doesn’t allow for the luxury of a full eight hours of sleep, a few hours of Slow Wave Sleep will trick your brain into thinking it’s had all the restorative sleep it needs.

Accelerate Healing

Delta waves trigger the release of Human Growth Hormone, HGH making deep sleep essential for healing and regeneration.

Reprogram Your Mind

Delta is also the brainwave signal of the subconscious, the seat from which unconscious material can be reprogrammed. Delta brainwave programs are an ideal choice for when you want to access your subconscious for deep and powerful reprogramming.

Gamma Brainwaves Bar

You are wide awake, intensely focused and alert. Gamma waves, (40 Hz and up) are the fastest of the brainwave frequencies and signify the highest state of focus possible. They are associated with peak concentration and the brain’s optimal frequency for cognitive functioning. Like a pro baseball player counting the stitches on an incoming fastball; in the Gamma state, your brain is running at full capacity.

Increase Clarity and Cognition

The gamma wave is a pattern of brain waves associated with perception and consciousness. Gamma waves work like the glue of the mind, holding and connecting all your senses and thought processes together in a unified whole. Nobel prize winning scientist, Sir Francis Crick believes that the 40Hz frequency may be the key to the act of cognition.

Natural Antidepressant

Gamma activity also works as a natural anti-depressant, boosting your mood, empathy, and compassion.

Relieve ADD and ADHD

Children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD have too much theta activity and not enough high beta, or gamma activity. A common biofeedback treatment for ADD is to suppress theta activity by increasing beta and gamma waves. Use High focus and Pure Focus.

Better Golf Game

Boosting Gamma wave activity will increase energy, focus and concentration, making it ideal for any kind of sport. Gamma Waves improve hand-eye coordination. Listen to High Focus or Pure Focus to improve your game. Golf, tennis, basketball, volley ball or while you're working out at the gym, try Power Training in the Zone, Breakthrough Training, and Running Meditation.

Track 1: Meditation Music + Delta, Beta, & Gamma Waves - Use Headphones
Track 2: Nature Sounds + Delta, Beta, & Gamma Waves - Use Headphones
Running Time: 60 Minutes

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Brain Massage

More Views

  • Brain Massage
  • Brain Massage

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