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Astral Travel
Title: 4 Astral Projections in less than 2 weeks
Posted by : Maddie
Yes, that's what happened! I found myself waking up in the early morning before I usually wake up, I'd feel vibrations all over my body and then realize how loose I am inside, so to speak. Then I'd try getting out of my body a few times and eventually roll out to the side or float above, successfully. Now I haven't been able to go past my living room, but I'm SURE I've left my body since I kept seeing the same things each projection. Note that the astral plane is a copy of this world but is thought influenced, therefore it can look a bit different. For example, I had a ceiling fan in my bedroom and wallpaper on the astral plane, and a different sofa in the living room, that I verified multiple times (was not a dream). It was great! I have a tip: Play the subliminal mp3 all night on your computer or smart phone, then wake up in the early morning and go back to sleep after a little while of being awake. That's worked for me the best. This is so you're not too tired that you fall asleep unconscious. And make intentions to yourself before sleeping that you are projecting.
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Attract Love
Title: It actually works
Posted by : AJ
I came out of a very difficult relationship in 2011. It was verbally abusive in nature and I was very scarred from the experience. With time I was nervous I would attract a similar man in the future. I listened to this diligently for about 6-8 weeks. In the summer of 2012, I met my soul mate. I know a lot of people scoff at that term, but realistically I could not find a better word. We are truly perfect for each other. He is everything I need/want in a person and partner. We've been together for over three years, and are happily married now. I cannot recommend this meditation enough!
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Attract Wealth
Title: Manifestation success at everytime
Posted by : LUCKMIN
This is an amazing programme.Everytime i listening to this recording i manifest a financial success.I used this product way back in 2008 for the first time.This was given to me by one of my friends.At that time i had only a job.My salary was Rs 10 000 (77$). i didnt have my own house ,a vehicle. I used this recording twice a day for about 42 days continuously. After that financial miracles began to take place in my life.First i attracted a HP DV7 laptop.After that i didnt use this for sometime.But i wanted to have a bike.Then again i used this recording continuously,but after 3weeks some events took place in my life to get the motor bike i wanted.Truly amazing. After that i didnt use this for about a year.But i wanted to attract a luxurious house,this product came into my mind, i used it continuously for about 45 days. after that again some miraculous events began to take place.It was so amazing.That was, i got married and my wife had a relation who was not married,she fell ill suddenly and she died.The house belonged to her gifted to was a wonderful house located in colombo worth more than Rs300 00000($230769). Another one was i wanted to have a car. i didnt have enough money to buy one.This product came to my mind and i used it for about 3 weeks,again some miraculous things began to take place.that was my brother had a car he asked me to take his car because he is going to buy a new car.he asked me to pay him little by little. Actually these are some of the few things..Anyhow i must say every time i use this wonderful product i attract financial miracle. Recently 3 weeks ago i use this recording , i manifested Rs500000 .I shall be very grateful to this wonderful product and Kelly Howell for this.Thank you thank you thank you... Another important thing is i am a vegetarian i think there is something connected to this also. Because you can integrate with the universe.
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Awakening Kundalini
Title: Another amazing meditation
Posted by : Sean
This is my personal favorite meditation and is essential for anyone looking to accelerate their meditation and spiritual practice. The breath of fire was difficult at the start but as I continued to do it, it became much easier and can now do it easily for the whole duration. A most wonderful meditation, thanks again Kelly!!!!!
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Brain Massage
Title: Brilliant effects
Posted by : Sajju87
I have been using brain sync and its results are fantastic, I recommend everyone to listen to these sounds.
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Brain Power
Title: Best product for a better brain
Posted by : james
I brought the MP3 and after listening it for weeks, I have found radical changes with my brain ability and I am amazed with how much I love learning now. I used to have a IQ of 122, but now I know my IQ would be much higher than that. Thank you for coming out with this life changing product!
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Brainwave Meditation
Title: Brainwave Meditation
Posted by : Jean Millay, Ph.D., Biofeedback
As the first researcher to train people to synchronize their brain waves with an "om" tone biofeedback phase computer, I can safely say that Deep Meditation actually facilitates the remarkable mental state that brain wave synchronization activates.
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Breakthrough Training In the Zone: Vol. I
Title: Awesome!!!!
Posted by : Prashantth
This one is really a good choice to buy.. It makes my work out very enjoyable one.. Thanks Kelly!!!!
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Clear Wave Creativity
Title: Soothing and relaxing
Posted by : Tyanne
I have used this program several times and I did get very significant results. Higher optimism and renewed creativity and interested in learning new things... really do make me feel happier and more peaceful. Impressive.
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Create Success
Title: Believer
Posted by : Jane Doe
I want to share my testimonial because I'm already receiving good results from the "create success" subliminal. I've been looking for a job since late last year in 2014 with no success. I already had this subliminal but never used it and I thought, give it a try maybe things with change, I was extremely desperate. I started using the headphone version Sept. 17, 2015 and today Sept. 23, 2015, I got a job. Here's what the description says, "In the days and weeks to come you can expect significant positive changes...". If it didn't happen to me directly, I would have a hard time believing someone else. Please give this a try and believe something good is on its way. It's early in the listening stage, I can hardly wait for more good things to come.
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Deep Insight
Title: Experience OBE
Posted by : Sandy
This track allows me to get so relaxed I am able to achieve "Out of Body Experiences". Truly amazing. Feels like I'm gliding through space and flying around the universe. After listening - my mind, body, and soul are reset and I fully understand that everything in life is OK. No worries. I am in the hands of a higher Power and have complete trust and faith in this Power.
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Deep Learning
Title: Have been using this incredible item for about 3 years and the result never betray me now. Love it! :)
Posted by : Muhammad
I've been using Brain Sync product when I on 16, the first product I used was Attract Series(Attract Love and Attract Wealth). After several times, I think I should boost up my brain first. From that time until now I use Deep Learning and Super Learning in every spare time. Love it!
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Deep Meditation
Title: Amazing. Truly amazing.
Posted by : Pete
I ordered your Deep meditation mp3. Amazing. Truly amazing. I tried it last night and ran it on loop, as you advised, fantastic, I almost got to the stage where I couldnt feel my body! Totally relaxed and chilled out. I just cant believe how easy this state was reached! Will keep persevering, hoping to OBE through deep meditation and last nights "empty body" state and tingles was just the beginning I'm sure. Bless you for this experience.
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Deep Sleep
Title: A Real Healer
Posted by : Aaron
A few years ago I was very sick with anxiety. I saw a Psychologist and he recommended the Audio Deep Sleep. I was uncertain at first and falling asleep with the sound sounded odd at first. As I progressed, I became at one with the CD and soon found, if I missed a night I soon missed playing the CD. Over the course of time I have done quite a bit of healing and found I was not using the CD much. Over the past few months I really missed it and found the CD hard to find. It wasn't until I happened upon this site and found the Deep Sleep CD. I played the sample and found myself missing the CD greatly and discovered my brain seemed to miss it just as much. I am grateful to you and just as much as my Doctor has given me my life back to a fair extent, I am am grateful to you as well. :)
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Deep Stress Relief
Title: The audio is most effective for stress reduction.
Posted by : Ramesh
I have found this audio to be most effective for stress reduction. and management.
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Dream Wave Meditation
Title: Profound depths of awareness and consciousness
Posted by : Karolyn
Due to my past experiences with water including a severe boiling water burn and a near drowning in rapids, I initially had much difficulty in relaxing my body while listening to this track. However, with time, my mind learned to disassociate the sounds of the waves and my thoughts and surrender to simply listening. This allowed me to let go and enter extremely profound depths of awareness and consciousness which I had never visited in the past. An excellent track to assist in entering an altered or trance state of consciousness.
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Title: fantastic!!! Fabulous!!!!!
Posted by : cathy
I especially love the first track...Can't get enough of it!!!! Energizing, joyful,bliss!!!! WOW!!!! Heart opening, more confident and in touch with my beauty inside and out!!!!
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El Secreto Meditacion de la Mente Universal
Title: Excelente
Posted by : Carlos
Recomiendo este audio, después de escucharlo varias veces , increíblemente uno comienza a sentir como va cambiando la actitud y el entorno ,de repente todo comienza a caminar de una manera positiva. lo recomiendo es extraordinario!!!!!!!!
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Exalted Meditation
Title: all her cds are out of this would
Posted by : boy
love your cds
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Title: Gotta Have Faith
Posted by : JJ
My life has seen a temultuous few months, the most difficult part being a move from my much loved Los Angeles loft. My on/off guy were friends, but at a standstill & my father is critically ill. I wasn't seeking faith in God, nor am I a religious woman... With that said, this meditation is perfection! If anyone has hesitated because of the connotation of 'faith' + organized religion! don't be. While god is mentioned once, the focus is so spiritual & I find that it's been so helpful throughout these rough few weeks. I have many BrainSync programs, but for this situation, Faith has by far been the most helpful. I was skeptical when I was gifted my first CD (attract love) but as soon as I started using it, I felt the difference. Now I listen to my BrainSync program(s) 2x a day. It's perfect & my only regret is not giving it a chance earlier. It's provided peace for someone who has been restless their entire life & that speaks volumes. Kelly Howell has certainly used her talent to better this world.
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Flow & Synchronicity
Title: wow
Posted by : Emiliana
Kelly, i have been listening to this audio this one : "listen anytime", daily like in repeat mode like a lot of times during the day, and this past weekend some barriers disappeared and flowed things that i want in my life, i wanted to cry because of the emotion that my dream is coming true! THANK U SO MUCH
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Fulfill Your Heart's Desire
Title: Awesome Product!
Posted by : CS
This mp3 helped me to manifest one of my desires. It also made me feel positive and great.
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Grace & Gratitude
Title: New outlook on life!
Posted by : Charles
I am truly amazed at the results I have noticed in just one month of listening to Grace and Gratitude. Over the years the stresses of life caused me to lose touch with the person I was and always wanted to be. I found myself letting those stresses effect the way i treated people and how i viewed the world around me. This program has given me back the clarity I once had and allowed me to welcome the world and the people in it with reborn appreciation and love. THANK YOU KELLY!
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Guided Meditation
Title: Absoulutely Amazing!
Posted by : LS
This is one of my favorite meditation tapes! I've listened only three times & have already made a huge improvement. I used this meditation to program my subconscious & state my own affirmations. I am now able to remain positive the whole day! It makes you feel so relaxed. I was literally filled with bliss. I actually felt myself smile the whole time. Love it! Thanks Brain Sync!
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Guided Relaxation
Title: Wonderful Program!
Posted by : Markie
I suffer from fibromyalgia, and as such have always been an insomniac. A recent bout of cancer and resulting chemotherapy made that insomnia so much worse. A sleep study years ago determined that I had zero stage 4 deep sleep and only 4% REM sleep during an 8 hour study. This program not only helps me get to sleep, but it improves the quality of my sleep as well. When I use the program, which is generally nightly, I actually remember having dreamed when I wake the next day, and often I can remember the content of those dreams. This is something I've not experienced in a long time! I've got several of Kelly Howell's programs, and I love them all! Keep up the great work!
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Healing Meditation
Title: I recommend the Healing Guided Meditation
Posted by : Lissa
This weekend one of my patients was involved in a car accident, she stated the Healing Meditation "Got me through the weekend without pain medication." I personally use your CD's, they are powerful, and I recommend the Healing Guided Meditation for my patients. Just thought you might like to know!
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Healing Sleep
Title: "THIS is AMAZING!!!"
Posted by : C
First of all, you have WONDERFUL products ... the audio I ordered was FANTASTIC and I've been telling everyone I know. My dad has now ordered a bunch of Kelly's CD's and he's a raving fan now too. He's had trouble sleeping for years and just recently began trying sleep audios. He's a very low-key man of few words and he never seemed all that jazzed about any of them until he listened to Kelly's Healing CD, after which he came in with these wide eyes holding it up, saying "THIS is AMAZING!!!" Which, if you were there and if you knew my father, you would understand, is a HUGE testimonial to the product. :)
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High Focus
Title: Useful
Posted by : Maz
I actually started using it regularly for a few weeks around 1.5 years ago during exam period. I recently started using it again and noticed that it did make a difference. I think the effects are more noticeable whilst I'm actually listening and working but I'm not sure otherwise. I'll probably keep using it and see! Thanks.
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Increase Creativity
Title: Increase Creativity
Posted by : Brian S. Baskins
I am an old user of hemi-sync CDs, way back from the days of Dane Spotts and Zygon and Robert Monroe. Your product is by far superior to theirs. I find that whenever I feel completely frazzled, distracted or emotionally unbalanced, going to sleep with one of your delta/music CDs is all I need to clear and reset my mental state. It works!
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Living Prayer
Title: The best thing that ever hapened in my life besides finally believing in God.
Posted by : Mr. Bill
Kelly, you truly are a blessing from God. I have started listening to this every morning. I am experiencing more peace than I ever have in my entire life. Every morning I get up take a shower and ask God to help me take the garbage out and learn something new every day. Then I listen to this CD. At first i struggled trying to figure out what was being said in parts, but then I just focused on breathing and relaxing and the more i listen to this i am hearing the messages loud and clear. This CD helps me get God centered and he is revealing his will to me. I am truly seeing, hearing, and feeling God everywhere I go and everyone I come in contact with. The water that barely trickles out of my kitchen sink use to drive me crazy. Now when i look at it run it tells me to slow down and breathe and live in this moment that God gave me as a gift. My closed minded perspectives are changing everyday. Thank you so much for making this you life work. May the good Lord continue to bless your life. That is a huge statement considering I never believed in anything and refused to ever try.
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Lucid Dreaming
Title: Experience
Posted by : Sday
I purchased this as an "extra" a few weeks back with the buy 3 get one free. I listen to this and three others as I fall asleep at night. My daughter crawled into my bed last night and slightly woke me, I found myself in a dream and instantly realized it. I was going through one dream and remember saying to myself "this is NOT how I want it to go" and CHANGED it! I remember being excited about the fact of lucid in the dream! An AMAZING experience, WOW!
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Manifest Prosperity
Title: If you want sales, get this tape!
Posted by : Tina
I have to echo Kathy's review. My husband and I have a plumbing company, and I also have a full time sales job. When I listen to this tape, the plumbing company phone rings off the wall, and I am closing deals at my job! I don't understand it, but I love it! It is even more powerful if you visualize your results while listening. If you have a business. or you are in sales, GET THIS TAPE! Listen to it consistently! Happy prosperity to everyone! Tina
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Mind Body Healing
Title: i love it very much
Posted by : juan
is very very good and calm thanks
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Positive Thinking
Title: Outstanding
Posted by : mary
I listened to this CD, for the first time, as I lay in bed the night I got it. I have been suffering from low self esteem, anxiety and depression every since I was a child, and have been going to therapists off and on through the years. I woke up the next morning feeling more rested than I have in a long time. I can't remember the last time I woke up feeling refreshed and not drag-down tired every single morning, regardless of how much sleep I got. It was like a weight lifted from my shoulders. I have more energy now. I don't quite understand how it works, but I am happy that it does. I bought this along with Brain Massage and am very happy with my purchase, worth every penny for the happiness and peqace it has brought me.
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Power Nap
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Power Training in the Zone: Vol. II
Title: One of the most amazing tools I've ever found for pushing me to the next level!
Posted by : Teresa
I was turned on to Power Training In The Zone back in the late 1990s. I have continued to listen to it since then. You won't believe how it will bump up your workout seemingly effortlessly. I have turned a dozen or more people onto it and they all say the same thing. You can't help but push yourself when you are listening to this - it just happens. This is truly one of the most amazing tools I've ever used for getting the most out of my workout - any workout, not just running.
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Pure Focus
Title: Students Need this
Posted by : Milad
Ok so I bought this during a time when I was taking courses that required I memorize facts. This helped especially with anatomy and pharmacology! Just sit down and listen to it while you are going thru your flash cards or reading the text. I have also bought Super Learning and will be using this while I fall asleep. I will check back and let you all know how it went. If your a student get this, it helped me focus and concentrate. I am the kind of person that gets bored very fast or whos mind wanders and this put that in check.
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Release & Let Go
Title: Helped me let go
Posted by : HAK
I just wanted to thank you for the MP3 Release & Let Go. I found that the MP3 helped me let go of something that I neither had any control over, and was too close to my heart for my mind to be able to show the misfortune the way out. I had been depressed about this situation for about 4 months and was so caught up in it, that it was becoming quite immobilizing. The MP3 worked in a few days i was feeling like moving forward. Thanks for that!
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Release Guilt
Title: Release Guilt - Depression, Worry & Fear Gone!
Posted by : Caroline
I love this cd. I am in my 5th week and my self-esteem, self respect, self-love and self-worth have all returned to a healthy strong level. I feel I have finally been able to forgive myself and everyone else from all hurts of the past. Depression, worry & constant fear have gone and I have a much more positive attitude & more energy. My husband now seems more thoughtful, respectful & loving to me now. He even told me while looking into my eyes that I was beautiful without makeup! He has never said that & we've been together for many years. What a fantastic breakthrough. I had been in & out of depression most of my life. Thank you Kelly for creating wonderful tools like this cd, for amazing healing & transformation. I am very grateful, thank you. :)
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Relieve Anxiety
Title: Amazing product
Posted by : Sean
I am dumbfounded at the rapid results I got from listening to this product. I have had chronic anxiety issues my entire life and have always been one to just deal with it. I don't take medications of any kind of my anxiety, nor do I want to. I have had an enormous reduction in my anxiety since I started listening to this about a week or two ago. I have this playing in one ear bud at work during the day when I'm at my desk. I have since added "Release and Let Go" and listen to them looped. My wife and co-workers are probably sick of me talking about how much better I feel and how much more relaxed I am. THANK YOU!!!
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Relieve Jet Lag
Title: Excellent!!
Posted by : sachasuzanne
This is a great set because the three have different uses and ALL the brainwaves are addressed here. I only travel back to UK few times a year but I don't sleep well in places I am unfamiliar in and I used this last week and it worked a treat! I use it at home too when I know I may be a bit late or mind is buzzing with thoughts and it fantastic for the sleep. I have used the refresher and it is super too, not used the relax one yet but have no doubts at all that it too will hit the spot for a quick relaxer. Thanks Kelly :)
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Retrieve Your Destiny
Title: WOW..WOW..WOW
Posted by : Terry
I have spent so much money looking for something like this and to say i am happy with your living prayer..and destiny recordings is an understatement..WOW..WOW..WOW..wonderful thank you so much..
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Running Meditation
Title: Amazing!
Posted by : Pamela
This was the neatest feeling even on the very first listen! I didn't want to quit. It was energizing and I felt great!
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Sacred Body
Title: BEST EVER!!
Posted by : Donna
I currently posses between 15-20 mp3's. This one is in the top five! Although I haven't lost weight, I have noticed a difference in my thinking about healthy food choices, etc. I love you Kelly and recommend your site and work to everyone I know. God bless and thank you for all that you have been for me and all who listen to you! :o)
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Sacred Ground
Title: "WOW"
Posted by : Julie
My incredible "WOW". First of all, thank you for the free downloads which inspired me to buy SACRED GROUND. I am just blown away! Been a meditator for over 20 years - but this is just an amazing CELLULAR blessing, what you have created. Your work is just miraculous. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Julie
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Self Confidence
Title: Great Product!
Posted by : Lulu
I own all of the brain sync series and I have repeatedly stated that these are my most cherished items! Namely, these series restores and refreshes you when you cannot find a way to change. Most of our beliefs are hard to override with endless prayer, meditation, and affirmations. Brain sync gets to the heart of the problem and writes over those old beliefs. My speaking style and memory has improved with this specific MP3. I have had endless changes in my mood and memory with a combination of MP3s as well as heal physical pain. Life is too difficult and these MP3s take the edge off to provide some much welcome comfort and relief.
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Slim Naturally
Title: WOW This is So Cool.
Posted by : Shenice
I am already a fan of Kelly. Good the Slim Nature mp3 like a month ago and have lost like 10lbs. I am on a weight management system, not sure if I can mention is here but it involves counting points. I feel a change in what my body is attracted to when it come to food. Lot more vegetables and fruit. I still eat my sweets, but in moderation. I do little bit of excises, but mainly I feel good about me and I feel like that is key. When it come to weight management its all about your choices in food, along with your mental health and your emotional health as while. If any or all 3 three of those area are not in balance than you have weight gain. I love her work. Thank You Kelly and keep doing your thing. Peace and Blessings, Shenice :)
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Slow Wave Sleep
Title: Great
Posted by : Cincinato
I listened to this for the first time and when it ended I felt refreshed and relaxed, like I feel when I take a long nap, recommended
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Sound Healing
Title: I have been using it for medicinal benefits for a long time and it really helps and works like a magic, increases healing
Posted by : Eric
I have been using it for medicinal benefits for a long time and it really helps and works like a magic, increases healing
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Sound Sleep
Title: Not What I Hoped For
Posted by : Benjamin
I've used a few Brain Sync programs over the last few months, (including Brain Power, Deep Learning & Total Relaxation which I completely recommend) and had hoped Sound Sleep would work for me. Unfortunately, I just could not fall to sleep by listening to this title. The music just repeats itself repetitively throughout the 60 minutes, and for some reason the Delta waves on this program just didn't calm me. I'll have to try another Delta program from Brain Sync.
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Stop Procrastinating
Title: It works!
Posted by : Maddie
I had no doubt as I have tried subliminals before, but I'm pleased with this product! I know can think and plan crystal clear, and crave order rather than sulk in chaos. I used to suffer from anxiety and depression, this has actually HELPED! That , I did NOT expect. It's only been less than a month!
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Stop Smoking
Title: Still smoke free after 7 years!
Posted by : Floria Abney
I quit smoking on Nov. 14, 2008 (my birthday) using the Stop Smoking CD. The CD made quitting easy for me. I always have to give thanks to Kelly Howell for making such a wonderful program. I also did a review after my 2nd anniversary as well (see review by F.A.) Each anniversary that I celebrate as a non-smoker makes me happier and more proud of myself than the year before. Quitting smoking was the best birthday present I've ever given myself. I highly recommend this CD to anyone who has a strong desire to quit smoking.
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Stress Free Forever
Title: Excellent
Posted by : Mary
Make time to listen to this truly amazing CD. My stress has decreased beyond what I thought was possible. I recommend this to anyone who has a stressful lifestyle.
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Super Learning
Posted by : MightyMo
I have been learning how to trade online for almost two years. I keep changing strategies and things sometimes goes blur and drop me to level zero. I thought I must missed something! I turn on Brain Power, Super Learning, and Create Success mp3 from BrainSync as my background music everyday. To my surprise, in less than two weeks everything becomes very clear in my mind. I suddenly understand market behavior. and I found a way to always hit take profit BIG. And trading become very interesting because I keep winning big. :-)) I am gonna be SUPER RICH!! And I will not forget to share! :-)
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The Secret To Attracting Love
Title: just try it
Posted by : Radhe
Its an amazimg product!!!!! you feel totally relaxed and fulfilled I also notice that when I walk into a mall everyone turns and look at me with a smile ..Thank you Kelly
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The Secret to Attracting Wealth
Title: I Really Enjoy this CD
Posted by : Survivor
I have listened to this CD for the last 6 weeks and love it. I am particularly fond of the guided meditation's that Kelly does b/c I'm new to meditation and I find that I flail around still when I listen to only the music (so I use it to fall asleep instead). I would listen to this CD before bed and it would put me in a focused, calm that I was then able to visualize and "tackle" my obstacles. I found that I really looked forward to this treat every night and I've found that "mysteriously" things have been slowly going more my way. My finances have gotten better on their own (I'm currently on disability) and I'm finding that I enjoy making lists of things I've procrastinated on and getting them out of the way and finally done. I know it's not Wealth, but it's enabled me to get my finances in order (from the procrastinating) and know where I stand and to form a budget. I'm not sure how, but usually I don't have any money left over from month to month and this month for the first time, I have an abundance. I'm so grateful! I must admit I was skeptical, but I'm going to keep listening to this CD plus her Meditation I & II discs for the next 12 weeks. Then, I've planned my future and purchased 10 of her other tracks so I'm set for at least quite a bit of 2012. This is MY year, I've decided and I'm not sitting around waiting for it...I'm really creating it. Love, love, love this CD!! Thank you Kelly Howell!!
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The Secret Universal Mind Meditation
Title: You need this.
Posted by : Kevin K.
I found this when I needed it most in my life. I had lost my longtime job, had no high school diploma and was on the brink of financial disaster. I listened to the Universal Mind Meditation every night while taking G.E.D. classes. I received a G.E.D. with honors. I kept listening as I searched for a new job. Three months later at the height of a deep recession I found an incredible job. I have since been promoted twice and love my Life. Every time I start feeling stuck, or down, I listen for a few days and things just turn around. I came back today to buy another selection and remembered that my review for this was 5 years over due. Thank you Brain Sync and thank you Kelly Howell. If you doubt my review or need further convincing feel free to contact me at Kellenburger at Buy it and follow the simple instructions. Pace Love and Joy to you
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The Secret Universal Mind Meditation II
Title: I'vebeen listening now for over year!
Posted by : Amrik Bains
This for sure will help everyone with an open mind or even a closed mind. I have read US Anderson's 'Three magic Words' book a few years ago was amazed then but what Kelly has done here makes it easy for all to simply relax and enjoy and watch the changes that will happen if you allow the meditations time to work and they will work for sure just let go..........;-) Of my own experience life is getting amazing again as it should be no matter what our age or the things we have all suffered in life so thanks Kelly lots of love to all for we are one and the same. X
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Total Relaxation
Title: Felt its effects
Posted by : VS
To be completely honest, after using this product I felt something "click" inside me. I noticed changes within me and felt much better. I was also doing meditation, and hypnosis at the time so I cant be 100% certain that it was this product. Its definitely worth a shot...good luck!
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Ultra Weight Loss
Title: Wished I had used this sooner!
Posted by : bcgrown
I bought this set through a book club I had joined but I never really listened to it. Recently I purchased a small personal CD player that I keep on my headboard. Before I go to bed at night I listen to the weight loss CD - the one with the subliminal messages. I am finding myself eating less junk food and passing by the calorie laden treats. It seems to be working.
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Unfold Your Potential
Title: verygood
Posted by : somaskandan
very good
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Unplugged Deep Relaxation
Title: Relief From Traumatic Stress
Posted by : Experienced Meditator
This has helped me reach tolerable, reflective, relaxed states of mind when faced with tragic, traumatic personal loss. It doesn't make the problems go away, but it does help with taking a break from the overwhelm and finding some quiet mental space.
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Walking Meditation
Title: WOW
Posted by : Shenice
This is a New Year's Gift to myself from the universe. I was thinking earlier, I want to lose weight. Thought I was going to have to wait to get this mp3, but to my surprise I had money to get it. I listen to it in my living room and it made me get up and like walk in place. I felt like I was walking anywhere I imaged. A park, the woods, space. I felt that "runner's high" everyone talks about. Great feeling. I am still feeling the feeling 20 minute plus after listening to it. I know if I go out side with this is will be awesome. But I love that I can do it inside. I feel like I walk five minutes. Briskly. Thank You Kelly. You are Awesome Trail braze the way, Gurl :)
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Weight Loss
Title: Love This!
Posted by : Sunny Smile
I much prefer this music one over the ocean waves. It is easier to listen to. I will go for the music audio ones from now on!
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Weight Loss Acceleration
Title: Powerful
Posted by : Amelia
I purchased this about 8 weeks ago and I can honestly say that its helping in my eating disorder. I tend to binge eat and emotional eat at times. I've been to group meetings, therapist and even engaged in one session with an hypnotist. But none of these were as powerful as this mp3. The ocean waves are relaxing. You almost forget your listening to it after a while. I have kept a food log for 8 weeks now and although I haven't lost any weight...its only a matter of time before I will. My control over food is getting will power is getting stronger. And food doesn't control me anymore.
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Title: Great Product
Posted by : Anonymous
I used to have a problem sometimes taking action and completely following through on the goals that I would set for myself. I did some listening to this program, got up the next day,and that was not a problem anymore! Truly amazing!
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