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Mind Body Healing

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Mind Body Healing

  • Accelerate healing
  • Reduce pain
  • Generate nourishing states of well-being
  • Enhance immune function

If you are preparing for surgery or if you need to heal on any level, Mind Body Healing will help.  Delta waves are woven into soothing music to induce deeply restorative states ideal for healing.  These are blissful states of reverie that are proven to enhance immune function, reduce pain and activate the body's natural healing abilities.  In this quantum state of renewal, recovery is often swifter:  blood loss is reduced, less pain is perceived, and fewer analgesics are needed.  Moreover, the immune system seems to respond better, and hospital stays can be shortened.

Sound Healing delivers Delta waves associated with the release of human growth hormone, beneficial for healing, combined with meditation music. You can also use this program as a sleep aid to relieve insomnia. Enjoy the delightful floating sensation you'll experience as you literally lighten up in mind, body and spirit. This program is completely free of spoken words and provides approximately 47 minutes of meditation music, making it ideal for self-hypnosis, resting deeply, or practicing your own healing visualization techniques.

You hold within you the power to create vibrant states of health and well being that you intend for your life. In this program you will learn to meditate and relax on ever deepening levels, where the attention you focus on healing and renewal will directly impact your body and your life. These are blissful states of reverie that are proven to enhance immune function and activate the body’s natural healing abilities. In this quantum state of renewal, your body triggers its own powerful bio-chemicals to heal illness and cure disease.

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  1. i love it very much Review by juan

    is very very good and calm thanks
    (Posted on 8/31/12)

  2. Mind Body Healing Review by Tresha

    I've listened to these CD's for the past 3 weeks, 2 weeks prior to surgery and 1 week post op. I can not believe how relaxed I am and how quickly I'm healing. What a wonderful 2 CD's - I highly recommend them! (Posted on 6/2/09)

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In the Delta state you are sound asleep. Delta waves are the slowest of all five brainwave frequencies and range between 0-4 Hz.

Relieve Insomnia

Slow Wave Sleep or SWS, is the deepest of sleep states and it plays a vital role in health and well being. During this phase of the sleep cycle, the brain begins producing very slow, large Delta waves. Even if your lifestyle doesn’t allow for the luxury of a full eight hours of sleep, a few hours of Slow Wave Sleep will trick your brain into thinking it’s had all the restorative sleep it needs.

Accelerate Healing=

Delta waves trigger the release of Human Growth Hormone, HGH making deep sleep essential for healing and regeneration.

Reprogram your Mind=

Delta is also the brainwave signal of the subconscious, the seat from which unconscious material can be reprogrammed. Delta brainwave programs are an ideal choice for when you want to access your subconscious for deep and powerful reprogramming.

CD 1: Sound Healing
CD 2: Healing Meditation
Running Time: Approximately 107 Minutes

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Mind Body Healing - Two CD Set

Mind Body Healing

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