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Deep Sleep – Have help sleeping the natural way with Deep Sleep.

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Deep Sleep

  • Binaural beats for sleep slow down mental activity
  • Retrain your brain to sleep better
  • Rest and sleep more deeply

Slip on your headphones, close your eyes and turn out the lights. Within minutes you’ll feel like your brain is being massaged. Soothing Delta frequencies, associated with deep restorative sleep, and subliminal messaging for deep sleep are masterfully woven into gentle music. As your brain cells resonate and your brainwaves entrain with Delta waves, you start to slowly swirl and drift. Delta binaural beats help wash away pestering concerns, allowing you to fall into deep sleep states that bring the refreshing slumber your body and mind need for health, happiness and optimum performance.

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  1. A Real Healer Review by Aaron

    A few years ago I was very sick with anxiety. I saw a Psychologist and he recommended the Audio Deep Sleep. I was uncertain at first and falling asleep with the sound sounded odd at first. As I progressed, I became at one with the CD and soon found, if I missed a night I soon missed playing the CD. Over the course of time I have done quite a bit of healing and found I was not using the CD much. Over the past few months I really missed it and found the CD hard to find. It wasn't until I happened upon this site and found the Deep Sleep CD. I played the sample and found myself missing the CD greatly and discovered my brain seemed to miss it just as much. I am grateful to you and just as much as my Doctor has given me my life back to a fair extent, I am am grateful to you as well. :) (Posted on 3/24/12)

  2. Just what I needed! Review by Shruster

    After buying a new bed and feeling restless in a new home, I decided to buy a few meditation tracks. I have to say, for the last 2 months, I play this mp3 every night and fall asleep within 5-10 minutes when earlier it took me much longer. I am more relaxed when I sleep! Only hiccup is sometimes I wake up in the night, however, I fall back asleep quickly since the music is on repeat mode. A great purchase and highly recommended for people with insomnia! (Posted on 11/21/11)

  3. great energy Review by monta

    everyday i wake up feeling energized all day long. i love this! (Posted on 6/6/11)

  4. deep sleep indeed Review by lu

    I have only used this for a few days, but can so tell a difference. One downside is, I seem to wake up earlier than need be after falling asleep to this track. BUT, even after only getting 5 or 6 hours of sleep, I am feeling great and have energy all day. I figure I was waking up early because I had reached my fully rested potential! (Posted on 1/23/11)

  5. Deep, Refreshing Sleep Review by msternal

    This track has worked every time. Giving deep, refreshing sleep, amazing, vivid dreams and at times even answers or signs from Higher Intelligence. (Posted on 9/10/10)

  6. Deep Sleep Review by Joy

    The first night I used Deep Sleep I only slept for four hours. When I do this, I am normally a mess for the entire day. Not so with Deep Sleep. I woke up refreshed and carried for a very long day as if I had slept 8 hrs. Since I've been sleeping an average of 6 hrs a night and I an always waking up refreshed and lively. (Posted on 6/3/09)

  7. Deep Sleep Review by Flaviu™

    It's unbelievable! after only 2 uses...I feel something's going on....I usualy take 8-9 hours to get a restful night sleep, but after the second use of Deep Sleep programm I was fully replenished after only 6-6 1/2 hours of sleep!! I recomend this to everybody! (Posted on 6/3/09)

  8. Deep Sleep Review by Charles

    I have listened to this CD almost every night after getting into bed for the past year. It had certainly been a tremendous help in getting a better night's sleep. (Posted on 6/3/09)

  9. Deep Sleep Review by Chris

    The BEST! (Posted on 6/3/09)

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This recording contains the following subliminal messages:

  • I am calm, I relax into deep sleep
  • I let go and drift to sleep
  • The day is over and I am free
  • My mind is at rest, I sleep soundly
  • My thoughts easily flow into rest and resolution
  • My body relaxes into deep sleep
  • Each breath leads me into sleep
  • I am safe, I trust the future
  • Inner peace fills my sleep
  • I accept everything as it is
  • I surrender for now
  • My mind is free, my body is at rest
  • Problems resolve while I sleep
  • My dreams are healing and rejuvenating
  • I am fulfilled
  • I get the rest I need
  • I rest in peace and comfort
  • I drift safely to sleep
  • I feel comfortable in my bed
  • I surrender to serenity and peace

Instructions for Listening:

This Brain Wave Subliminal has one 60-minute track. Listen with headphones in bed. Delta waves will help slow down mental activity and heighten receptivity to the subliminal messages. Just slip on your headphones, relax and drift into a deeply refreshing night’s sleep. We find that ear-bud headphones are the most comfortable for listening while sleeping. 

Delta Brainwaves Bar

In the Delta state you are sound asleep. Delta waves are the slowest of all five brainwave frequencies and range between 0-4 Hz.

Relieve Insomnia

Slow Wave Sleep or SWS, is the deepest of sleep states and it plays a vital role in health and well being. During this phase of the sleep cycle, the brain begins producing very slow, large Delta waves. Even if your lifestyle doesn’t allow for the luxury of a full eight hours of sleep, a few hours of Slow Wave Sleep will trick your brain into thinking it’s had all the restorative sleep it needs.

Accelerate Healing

Delta waves trigger the release of Human Growth Hormone, HGH making deep sleep essential for healing and regeneration.

Reprogram Your Mind

Delta is also the brainwave signal of the subconscious, the seat from which unconscious material can be reprogrammed. Delta brainwave programs are an ideal choice for when you want to access your subconscious for deep and powerful reprogramming.

MP3 Version

Track 1: Delta Waves, Subliminal Messages, Sleep Music (Use Headphones)
Running Time:
60 Minutes

CD Version

Track 1: Subliminal Messages, Sleep Music (Use Anytime)
Track 2: Delta Waves, Subliminal Messages, Sleep Music (Use Headphones)
Running Time: 60 Minutes

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Deep Sleep - CD
Deep Sleep - MP3

Deep Sleep – Have help sleeping the natural way with Deep Sleep.

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