Marc Allen |Type Z Guide to Success

 Is it possible to be lazy, laid back and successful at the same time? Marc Allen, founder of New World Library talks about how he went from being a down and out, laid back musician to founding and running an extremely successful independent publishing company — all from the power of desire and intention. Marc is an author, musician, publisher and continues to abide by rules of laziness.

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Kelly and Marc Allen talk about how to affirm your way to the life you want: the easy, stress-free way. Marc says: “We’re all creative geniuses, born with something unique and vital to share with the world.” He says that he always knew, from a very young age, that it was vital to do what you love. However, on his 30th birthday he realized that he had conflicting beliefs about success and money, so he wrote an affirmation, “I now have a successful publishing company.”

Marc established a tiny publishing company, which grew into the leading independent publishing company, New World Library. He believes that the most valuable work he did to achieve multimillionaire status was inner work. Since he had the belief (as many people do) that success is stressful, he created an affirmation to contradict this, because “the universe says Yes to every thought.”

Marc shares his three-step process to success, essentially using affirmations, and intuitive guidance.


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