Turbocharge Your Daydreams

Create a Dream Laboratory

A dream lab gives your mind full permission to explore the further reaches of your imagination. It’s also the ideal place to incubate your goals and life dreams. Find a time when you will not be disturbed. Slip on your headphones and listen to Unplugged Deep Relaxation. As you breathe and relax, create in your mind the ideal sanctuary; it could be a mountain top temple overlooking the deep blue sea, a palatial penthouse, a mystical castle or cave. Choose an intriguing environment that has many treasures for you to discover and explore. This sanctuary is your Dream Lab and in it you’ll find tools to solve problems, refresh your energy, incubate ideas, receive guidance and nurture your sense of self. Anything you can imagine and want to imagine can go into this laboratory.

(If you have trouble conjuring up visualizations, use your memory to recall images from movies, paintings, magazines or your own mental archives.)

A large viewing screen or theatre; a garden with water or pools, artist supplies, comfortable places to lie down, a magical doorway leading to other worlds, a library, a living room or terrace where you can meet with anyone you want from the past, present or future; and an inner sanctum for visiting with muses, guides, healers and other numinous beings. Let your imagination run wild and have fun with creative fantasy.

Unplugged high rezOnce you create your Lab, explore the familiar items you’ve placed there, but also remain open to fanciful surprises. Allow novel and random imagery to appear as it will, the same way random images flash before your mind’s eye before you fall asleep.Do not try to analyze or think about what you see. Just relax and enjoy the experience.

There is a power in returning to your dream lab over and over again. You’ll build a holographic structure that becomes more vivid each time you visit it. Soon you’ll go into full daydreaming mode the minute you enter your lab. In time you’ll discover that your dream lab is a powerful place for healing, problem solving, future planning and manifesting. Unplugged will help you generate more alpha wave activity which is key to effective daydreaming.