Howard Cooper | The Tarot Map of Manifestation

 This show explores the stages of manifestation and their sequence as represented by the archetypal images of the Tarot. It’s a great map for bringing intentions/visions/goals into reality. Howard Cooper teaches the Tarot and does private readings.

Kelly and Howard chat about the Tarot. Although the Tarot deck is commonly used for fortune-telling, Howard says that the deck is much more than an entertainment: it’s a spiritual wisdom system. The Tarot is a mirror of where you are energetically, and works on many levels, including the spiritual. You can use Tarot to enter your own processes, and discover both how to manifest your desires, and also where you’re getting stuck in your attempts to manifest.

Howard describes the major arcana, the 22 Trumps of the Tarot deck, as archetypes, and takes you through the archetypes one through ten, which relate to personal manifestation. From the One of the Magician, to the Ten card of the Wheel of Fortune, Howard reveals the process of taking an inspiration, desire, or idea to full manifestation, because the World of Fortune has a definite “what’s next?” quality.

Howard gives readings and holds Tarot classes. Contact him on 1-206-779-9270 or by email:


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