Lyn Buchanan | The Secrets of Remote Viewing

 Lyn Buchanan talks about the mechanics of remote viewing and walks us through a session. We explore Remote Influencing from both a healing perspective and a not so healing application –psychic warfare. Other subjects covered include mind infiltration, where Lyn enters the mind of a target to gather secret information and also how Lyn uses Subliminal Persuasion techniques.

Kelly and Lyn Buchanan of Problems > Solutions > Innovations, talk about controlled remote viewing (CRV). Lyn was a “psychic spy” for military intelligence, and he now teaches remote viewing. In the interview Lyn reveals that 90 per cent of his students can learn the basics of remote viewing in a three-day course. This shows that remote viewing, which is psychic ability, is nascent in just about everyone.

Lyn says that CRV is a science which has many applications aside from the military use. Lyn’s students are using CRV in fields as diverse as archaeology, business, and medicine. He describes how he used remote influencing (a more “hands on” form of remote viewing) in a Cornell study to lower patients’ blood pressure.

Lyn also influenced Saddam Hussein, who became ill, and he discusses the dangers of remote influencing when “mind merge” occurs: one student doing police work ended up in therapy.

If you’ve ever wondered just how people remote view, Lyn takes you through a complete remote viewing session.

This is a fascinating podcast, which is both exciting and disturbing, when you consider the implications.


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