Gregg Braden | The Divine Matrix

 Another show is up! With New York Times Bestselling author, Gregg Braden, author of The Divine Matrix, The God Code and The Zero Point Field. Gregg talks about how we can transcend the laws of physics and change our personal reality. He has been a featured guest for international conferences, and media specials, exploring the role of spirituality in technology. And, he is considered a leading authority on bridging the wisdom of our past with the science, medicine, and peace of our future.

Kelly chats with visionary scholar and author Gregg Braden about the “divine matrix”, the title of his latest book. The divine matrix is the underlying matter of the universe, which is both conscious and intelligent. It connects us all. This matter, also known as the field, was accepted by ancient civilizations as a reality, and scientists now accept it too. Gregg says the divine matrix is a container for everything, a bridge and a conduit, and it’s also a mirror.

Gregg says that miracles can occur, because the divine matrix mirrors our heart/mind. He tells Kelly about a video he has of a Chinese woman, whose abdominal tumor disappears within three minutes, as three Chi Kung practitioners direct focused compassionate attention at her, and see her as already healed.

It’s an amazing podcast. Kelly and Gregg discuss how we can achieve miracles in our own lives, by becoming congruent, and changing our beliefs. The divine matrix will instantly mirror them.


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