Dean Radin | Entangled Minds

 Dr. Dean Radin talks about his new book, Entangled Minds. This interview is 40 minutes. A bit longer than usual, but fascinating.

Kelly chats with Dr. Dean Radin, who is the founder of the Consciousness Research Laboratory (CRL) which conducts scientific research on psychic experiences and psychic phenomena. Dean says that we live in the physical fabric of reality, but that the world is much more complex than we know, and that we’re connected in ways which are hard for our minds to grasp.

Dean believes that we’re all psychic. However, some people are better at directing this ability because they’ve learned to focus their attention, whether through meditation, or because it’s a talent they have naturally. Kelly and Dean talk about CRL’s ongoing research, and the Love experiment. In this research, CRL studied the effects of prayer on people who were ill. They used a process similar to the Buddhist practice of Tonglen (compassionate giving and taking), and found that this had a strong positive effect on the people who were prayed for.


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