Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. | Mastery of Self | Theatre of the Mind

Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. Mastery of SelfMastery of Self is a new book by Toltec Spiritual Master Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. The Toltec civilization flourished in Mexico between the 10th and mid-12th centuries. They were deeply religious and masters of architecture, art, medicine and engineering. The once-thriving  civilization collapsed due to drought and a rapid succession of chieftains. The survivors were displaced and many assimilated ...


Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. | The Five Levels of Attachment


Five Levels of Attachment | Brain SyncDo you control knowledge or does knowledge control you?

Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr., a Toltec Master of Transformation and the son of Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements discusses how we have unwittingly made agreements about how we choose to live our lives and that these agreements are actually attachments — limiting filters on who ...