Kelly Howell | Optimize Your Brain for the Best Performance

 Learn how to get the clearest possible signals from your brain. The difference between coherent and incoherent brain waves is explored.

Coherent waves are clear, unbroken signals that are jam packed with information. These waves are always present in peak performance brain states, they are associated with clear thinking, heightened creativity and higher states of awareness. Incoherent waves are more like static fuzz; they are associated with scattered, unfocused thinking, stress ...


Dr. Richard Moss | Mandala of Being

 Dr. Richard Moss is a renowned spiritual teacher and visionary thinker. He is the author of five books on conscious living and inner transformation. For thirty years, he has used the power of awareness to help people realize their intrinsic wholeness and reclaim the wisdom of their true self. His work integrates awareness practices, psychological self-inquiry and body dynamics.

In The Mandala of Being, Dr. Richard Moss draws upon the traditional ...


Lee Gerdes of Brain State Technologies

 Recently, I interviewed Lee Gerdes of Brain State Technologies in Scottsdale, Arizona. I think you’ll find this interview and what Lee does fascinating and intriguing.What is Brainwave Optimization with RTB™?

Brain State Technologies’ System for Brainwave Optimization with RTB™ (RealTime Balancing) was designed for relaxation, self-regulation and meditation. Ultimately, this process produces personalized exercises to balance and optimize your brain.

Meditation has been shown to help with the following:
Anxiety • Depression ...


Kelly Howell | Demystifying Kundalini

 This podcast previews Track 1 of Awakening Kundalini and answers frequent questions.

Discussion points include:

• What is it?
• How does it awaken?
• Is it dangerous?
• How will I know that it’s awakening?
• How will it change me? Will it change my life?

You can download the full CD at Awakening Kundalini.

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Lee Gerdes | Brain Optimization for Depression and PTSD

 I’ve been Adventure Podcasting this summer, personally exploring the work of my guests. Some of it has been incredible and some…LOL and I will keep you posted on that part too. I took a second trip back to Brain State Technologies. It is on my A List for a high-tech meditation retreat. Great environment, great people, great technology. After 4 days and 8 sessions I left on a cloud, with ...


Jim Robbins | A Symphony in the Brain

 In A Symphony in the Brain, Jim Robbins traces the fascinating, untold story of the development of biofeedback. Discovered by a small corps of research scientists, this alternative treatment allows a patient to see real-time measurements of their bodily processes.

Its advocates claim biofeedback can treat epilepsy, autism, attention deficit disorder, addictions, and depression with no drugs or side effects. But biofeedback has faced battles for acceptance in the conservative medical ...


Michael Gelb | Wine Drinking for Creative Thinking

All work and no play? Let’s have a little fun. In this show, creativity and innovation expert, Michael Gelb, provides all the basics of “left hemisphere” practical wine knowledge, including:

  • A confidence-building, user-friendly guide to wine etiquette
  • Savvy advice on how to purchase fine wines at great prices
  • The WINO Principles: Essential things to remember when matching food and wine
  • The 7 Wine and Food Pairings You Must Experience Before You Die
  • Gelb’s hilarious “Wine ...