Dr. Matthew B. James | Sacred Traditions versus Self Help Gurus

 This show takes a look at Sacred Traditions versus Self-Help Gurus. My guest is Dr. Matthew B. James, President of American Pacific University and the Empowerment Partnership. He has been chosen to carry on a lineage of Huna, the ancient Hawaiian science of consciousness and energy healing. Matthew was a former teacher of James Ray but cut ties with him in 2005.

Dr. James has been immersed in spiritual studies and the science of human potential since the age of five. He began his training in childhood, learning meditation and siddha yoga directly from teachers such as Baba Muktananda and Uncle George Na’ope. In the ’80’s, Dr. James studied directly with several well-known teachers in the human potential movement, including Tony Robbins and Richard Bandler. In the last fifteen years, Dr. James has become the Trainer of Trainers himself. Chris Howard and many other prominent trainers have spent time studying with his organization, learning both the modern techniques for personal transformation and the ancient practices of Huna.


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