The 7 Most Effective Ways to Rewire Your Brain with Affirmations | Brain Sync

Science has found that affirmations work, that our brains are malleable and can be rewired by our thoughts. Fortunately for us, with practice, we can control our thoughts. Using positive affirmations is a quick and effective way to change our thought patterns and, subsequently, our brain activity, to move toward our goals. Here are seven ways to rewire your brain with affirmations.

1. Subliminals – What You Can’t Hear Can Help You

Subliminal recordings may be the key for many of us who do not have the time to devote to a stand-alone affirmations practice. Perfect for multi-taskers, positive self-talk is one of the few personal development practices that can be done while at work, driving, working out or surfing the Internet. Research has shown that subliminal messages make their way into our brains without our being conscious of them. Now you can listen to soothing, unobtrusive music while absorbing the positive affirmations recorded just below the level of auditory perception. Brain Sync has an extensive selection of recordings with specific affirmations, from enhancing creativity to losing weight to finding love.

2. The Power of the Pen

Practicing affirmations does not need to be complicated – pen and paper are easy, effective tools to start your journey. Written affirmations may even work better because writing something down has more permanence than thoughts or spoken words. Written declarations tend to wield more power than spoken ones, so try jotting your affirmation ten (or more) times every day.

3. Get Personal

A simple Google search will produce thousands of websites with generic affirmations that can and do work. But consider taking the time to reflect upon your unique desires, and craft your own heartfelt and heart-centered affirmations. The form does not need to be a short, declarative sentence – many people, particularly creative types, prefer intricately personalized forms of self-communication such as songs, poems and prayers. This practice offers the dual benefits of activating your creativity while imprinting affirmations into your mind.

4. If You Believe It, You Will Receive It

A study conducted by The Lerner Research Institute found that mental training significantly enhances a higher activation level in muscles and increases strength. Elite athletes and prominent public figures use visualization techniques, which are considered a form of affirmation. Visualize the desired outcome in your mind. Repeat the visualization dozens or even hundreds of times. This practice will reconfigure the “neural net” in your brain and create new, stronger thought pathways, and your desired result will manifest sooner than you think.

5. Tap an App

We are fortunate that technology is available to help us obtain our personal development goals! There are hundreds of smart phone apps to enhance spiritual practice. Our favorite, of course, is Brainsync’s, which we developed using our cutting-edge brainwave technology. Download the free app and choose guided meditations with binaural beats.

Another favorite app is “Unique Daily Affirmations” which you can program to set phone alerts or send email reminders.

6. Take Advantage of Technology

Another way to harness technology for your spiritual practice is to use the tools already installed on your smartphone.

  • Once you have developed a personalized affirmation, record it using the voice memo feature. Listen to you affirmation several times throughout the day.
  • Set a reminder that will appear regularly on your iPhone screen.
  • Set a notification to sound every hour, and repeat your affirmation when you hear the ring.

7. Out of the Mouths of Babes 

If all else fails, start your day like Jessica!



  1. Akash Patel  October 26, 2016

    Which mobile app for affirmation

  2. Ashley Kreze  August 31, 2016

    Hi Dr. Russ – I like your post; informative and challenging. Could you give us an example of an affirmation with the element of emotion added to it?

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Pashanda  September 1, 2016

      the little girl in the video… that’s the example 🙂 … let your self go and just say random happy positive stuff and you will stumble across ones that really ‘click’ for you and then make a note of them.
      if you still feel stuck, try this: Think of something you want to change in your life e.g. more calmly confident in social and business situations. Try to imagine what that would feel like. Picture yourself greeting a person (not a whole converstation, just the greeting and maybe one more sentence ) and how it would feel if you were confident… and actually try to feel it as if you are that person… if that is hard, think of someone who has that quality (maybe tony robbins or someone else) and in your room you mimic them how they would greet someone) don’t use a mirror just do it in your imagination in your room and feel how it would feel if you were them. like play acting when you were a kid. Then you put the alarms on your phone like it says here and every hour or so you close your eyes and remember that feeling and imagine you are posting on this forum and say in an excited voice in your head. “It worked! it Worked! My confidence is more than ever before” or something like that. This will help it feel real and you will start to get other ideas of different things to do and try. You can also pretend you are calling someone (someone who would be very happy for your) to tell them how much your confidence has improved and record yourself saying that. and pretend you are writing a letter to that person each time pretend it is real because your subconscious doesn’t know the difference. In the words of Neville Goddard: ‘Indifference is the knife that severs. Emotion is the tie that binds.” Be calmly indifferent to what you don’t want and feel passionately about what you do want. Get help for any negative things that keep pushing into your mind because they are trying to tell you that you need help to resolve it before it can be released. P.s. Don’t suddenly do the faked confidence in real situations just keep doing it in your head and in your room at home and you will notice after a while that you just naturally start being more like that in real situations. If you try to fake it in the real world straight away it will come across that way and people can sense it. Your subconscious needs to soak it up and neuroplacitsity needs time to work etc. How long will it take? everyone who starts at the gym takes different amount of time to get their goal. some quicker than others but no body does a big goal in a couple of weeks but even after two weeks you have made great progress even if you can’t see it yet 🙂

  3. Russ Kennedy  August 31, 2016

    As a neuroscientist and MD who specializes in Anxiety I do believe in affirmations but the words themselves have little changing power. Adding emotion increases the neuroplastic power of the affirmation exponentially. Say it feel it be it – and it stands the best chance of creating a new neural pathway or connectome in your brain/mind.

    • alexis  September 1, 2016

      well you gotta mean what you say and put your heart and muscle in it or its a no-goer totally agree with you