Paul H. Smith | Remote Viewing: The Most Secret Agent

 Learn about Remote Viewing with Major Paul H. Smith (ret.), a veteran of the Star Gate Program. Very cool show.

Another must-listen podcast. In 1983 Major Paul H. Smith joined military intelligence’s most secret and controversial program: Star Gate, which was devoted to training “psychic warriors.” At Star Gate’s heart was remote viewing, a form of telepathy. In this show, Kelly and Paul discuss Star Gate and remote viewing.

Kelly asks, “is RV teachable?” From his experience, Paul believes that most people can be taught to remote view. The public application of remote viewing includes find missing people, but you might learn remote viewing for many reasons, including to boost your skills in investment. Paul says that many people learn to remote view as a form of self-realization.

Kelly and Paul’s intriguing discussion ranges widely over topics as disparate as UFOs, and what’s actually happening in remote viewing.


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