Colin Tipping | Radical Forgiveness

 Colin Tipping talks about how to overcome the victim archetype and get on the other side of destructive feelings through a process he calls Radical Forgiveness. Having proven that his method, now known as Radical Forgiveness, was effective for helping people with cancer and also in helping to prevent it, he broadened it out and made it available to the mainstream of the population with great results.

The Five Stages and the Tools: What was unique about the method was that Tipping created special tools that helped people navigate the five stages of the Radical Forgiveness using their Spiritual Intelligence:

1. Telling the Story

2. Feeling the Feelings

3. Collapsing the Story

4 Reframing the Story

5. Integrating the New Story

And by the way, Living Prayer has a great forgiveness process you can use in conjunction with  Colin’s process.


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