New Technology to Raise Your Energy Field

Raise Your Energy Field Brain SyncClayten Stedmann and Jeffrey Stegmann are experts in the creation of high consciousness fields and the founders of Focused Life Force Energy.

Have you ever entered a room that exudes positive vibes, where you feel welcome, supported, and good – for no apparent reason? Conversely, have you been in a space that is rife with negative energy, which feels dark and oppressive? These energies are not happenstance. The “feel” of a space is actually a subtle — and very real — energy field.

Clayten and Jeffrey have created technology that remotely enhances the life force energy (also called Prana, Chi, and Mana) of a given space. This technology creates and energetic sanctuary in a home, office, or even mobile environment, and will manifest positive results. Beneficiaries will notice increased energy, support, enhanced focus and creativity, and improved long-term health, among other positive results.

Visit the Focused Life-Force Energy website for more in-depth information on how to raise your energy field.


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