Marcus T. Anthony | Accessing Integrated Intelligence

Marcus T. Anthony | Accessing Integrated IntelligenceHave you ever felt that you have a greater calling, but have never been able to put your finger on what it is? Listen to Kelly Howell’s conversation with author and post-conventional futurist Dr. Marcus T. Anthony discuss his work on accessing Integrated Intelligence and the practice of finding your built-in intuitive voice to draw upon an infinite source of knowledge and wisdom.

Futurists are scholars who study, analyze and deeply question the future. Dr. Anthony differs from most practicing futurists in that he focuses on spiritual realms and human consciousness rather than technology or economics.

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  1. Carol  July 26, 2016

    Thank you for being so honest, it is so relieving to hear someone who doesn’t over indulge in what I have always believed, and experienced, to be our real life roll.