Dr. Richard Moss | Mandala of Being

 Dr. Richard Moss is a renowned spiritual teacher and visionary thinker. He is the author of five books on conscious living and inner transformation. For thirty years, he has used the power of awareness to help people realize their intrinsic wholeness and reclaim the wisdom of their true self. His work integrates awareness practices, psychological self-inquiry and body dynamics.

In The Mandala of Being, Dr. Richard Moss draws upon the traditional spiritual symbol of the mandala to illustrate the four directions where our minds go when we are not in present awareness. He identifies these directions as the Past, the Future, the Me (subject) and the You (object). He explains how we tell ourselves stories in each of these positions. For example, when we dwell in the Past, we tend towards stories of regret, guilt, blame and nostalgia; in the Future, we oscillate between fear and hope. Thus, when we find ourselves not living in present awareness, we can use the mandala to understand which direction our minds have wandered off to and then, simultaneously, use it to return to present awareness once more.


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