Laura Day | Intuition and the Gift of Crisis

 If you’re in crisis, or know someone who is, listen to this podcast as Kelly chats with New York Times best-selling author and intuitive Laura Day. You’ll discover how to welcome a crisis as an opportunity to turn your life around. You’ll also discover why Laura believes that intuition is a tool that’s easily accessible to you.

Kelly and Laura discuss the four different kinds of reaction to crisis: rage, denial, depression, and anxiety, and what to do about these reactions. Discover exactly what you should do when a crisis hits ? and how to help others to deal with their crisis reactions.

Think you’re not intuitive? Laura teaches individuals and companies to be more intuitive. She says that synchronicity in your life predicts opportunities that are currently available to you. Laura says that intuition is not psychic ability, nor is intuition spiritual: intuition is a tool which gives you correct data that you can act upon.


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