Genoa Bliven | Human Design

 We’re exploring a new cosmology this week with Genoa Bliven of Human Design America.

The Human Design system is a new and unique system of knowledge. I haven’t had a reading yet, but people are raving about their Human Design charts.

Kelly chats with Genoa Bliven, of Human Design America, about Human Design. This is a new cosmology which synthesizes ancient systems including the Kaballah’s Tree of Life, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra System, astrology, and the Taoist I Ching, to help us to understand ourselves.

The Human Design system creates mandala charts based on your date, time, and place of birth. Genoa says that Human Design’s scientific system was mystically revealed over eight days and nights, some nineteen years ago. Essentially the system teaches you how to cooperate with your own auric energy, and it can also reveal useful insights about your future, as does astrology. The system’s gift is that it gives you the authority to be authentic to be yourself: it eliminates confusion and self-hatred.


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  • Faith
  • Overcome fear and self-doubt
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
  • Deepen your spiritual connection
  • Align with your higher power