Dr. Deborah Rozman | Heart Intelligence

 This Podcast features an interview with Deborah Rozman, Ph.D and co-author of Transforming Stress. Dr. Rozman is president and co-CEO of Quantum Intech, and she serves on the Institue of HearMath’s scientific advisory board and Physics of Humanity council.

Transforming Stress is a small book with a big message about how our state of heart influences brain function.

Discussion points include:

  • New discoveries about the intuitive capacity of the heart.
  • How the heart is also a brain with 40,000 sensory neurons that process, store and pick up information.
  • How the heart is more like the Central Operating System and the Cranial Brain function is more like a memory system and digital readout.
  • And how to transform stress by cultivating coherent heart waves, associated with feelings of gratitude, appreciation and love.

Kelly chats with Deborah Rozman about the amazing intelligence of your heart and your ability to reboot your human operating system. Although scientists focus on the intelligence of the human brain, it seems that your brain is a minor player: your heart is the controller. Deborah says that in computer terms, your heart is the mainframe (the actual computer), while your brain is just the digital readout. Your heart and brain have a two-way communication, and a study recently revealed an even more astounding insight: your heart has access to information which is not bounded by time and space. Therefore, you can depend on your heart’s intuition: its sound.

This is a wonderful conversation, in which Deborah explains how to transform your stress with the power of your heart. Even having an intention to care for yourself can boost your health, and feelings of kindness can bring about a coherent heart rate.


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