Dr. Candace Pert | Everything You Need to Know to Feel God/Good

 Candace is most famous for her work as a researcher involved in the discovery of opiate receptors. This discovery and others are explored in her book, Molecules of Emotion. She is an internationally recognized psychopharmacologist who, until recently, held a research professorship in the department of physiology and biophysics at Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C. She has published more than 250 scientific articles and has lectured worldwide on pharmacology, neuroanatomy, and her own leading-edge research on emotions and the body-mind connection.


Kelly and Dr. Candace Pert discuss the body-mind system and feeling good. They begin with the “G” word – God – and Dr. Pert says that she believes that God is the summation of how the natural laws of the universe operate, with peace and harmony. We’re hard-wired for bliss, which is both physical and divine: our body makes its own natural opiates, the endorphins. Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d is the title of Dr. Pert’s new book.

Dr. Pert tells Kelly about her own journey. Dr. Pert developed a guided imagery CD, Psychosomatic Wellness: Healing Your Bodymind, with music for the chakras. It turns out that the chakra locations align with our body’s major peptide-manufacturing locations where nerves are clustered in interchanges. The CD’s listeners report that their lives have changed quickly, as they have with Brain Sync’s CD programs: brain and body harmonizing music and meditations help your body-mind to both heal and learn on the deepest levels.


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