Donna Eden | Energy Medicine

 In this podcast, Donna Eden talks about her work in Energy Medicine. I recently met with David Feinstien and Donna when they were in Santa Fe, and I’ve had a few conversations thus far with Gary Craig. So we’re going to be doing some more shows on Energy Psychology. Gary thinks that I should combine EFT with Brain Sync technology, and I am researching it now. Are any of you experimenting with EFT? I’d love to know what your take is on EFT and any experiences you’ve had.

Kelly chats with healer Donna Eden. Donna has been working professionally in energy medicine for 25 years. She tells Kelly that she’s always been able to see human energy fields, and thought everyone else could see them too.

Donna’s work with energy medicine started when she became seriously ill with MS, auto-immune system disorder, and asthma, and was told that her body’s organs were breaking down. She tells Kelly how she learned to connect the energies in her own body, to rebuild her health by rebuilding her own energy system.

In her work as a healer and energy teacher, Donna teaches others to communicate with their body and to heal. She has had success with major illnesses like cancer and AIDs. She emphasizes that “energy is free”, and that we can all learn to manage our energy fields and heal.


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