Energy Management 2012

Collective consciousness is detoxing and if you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to get pulled down into the muck of negativity.

When you make well being your first priority and choose activities and involvements that bring you joy, you inoculate yourself against the people and situations that drag you down.

Joy has many levels. The baseline for joy is well being. When you engage your mind, body and heart in processes that induce states of happiness and pleasure your attracting force grows strong.  When you choose to engage in thoughts and activities that deplete your sense of well being you weaken your attracting force.

Consciously choosing activities that lift your energy will improve every aspect of your life. Think about things that give you energy. And do things that give you energy and make you feel good. You have vast amounts of energy available to you.

Notice when you feel that your well-being is dampened, flattened or suppressed.  Counterbalance that experience by doing something that replenishes your energy supply. Little by little you’ll notice yourself drifting away from energy depleting activities and drifting towards energy replenishing activities.

Drink from the well and the well will reward you.