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Science of Creating More Happiness emma seppalaThe pursuit of happiness no longer a mystery — it’s a science. Brain Sync’s Kelly Howell and Dr. Seppala discuss the promotion of the science of compassion and how happiness is more about a state of mind rather than professional success or material wealth. The science of creating more happiness can change your life.

Dr. Emma Seppala is a leading expert in happiness creation. She is the science director of Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University and author of The Happiness Track.

Dr. Seppala discusses the science and research behind creativity and awareness. She includes tips on how to remain in the present moment.

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  1. Denise Del Mar  August 10, 2016

    I listened to Dr. Seppala’s podcast & I felt like she was describing me! I am a type A, extremely high strung & anxious. I’ve tried DBT & it just didn’t work for me & naturally, the therapist puts it all on you; you’re not doing it right, etc. I meditate to Kelly Howell’s CDs at night while I sleep. I am too anxioux to sit still & I won’t sleep some times for 3 days! I found the the “healing” meditation for mind, body & spirit to be most helpful. I like proof too so I stopped listening for a while & wow; now I am back to sq 1 with the meditation. That is one of the tricks I use to justify a habit I need to develop. Although I am not a veteran, my startle response is through the roof & a ddep or loud male voice can send me to my knees sobbing hysterically & I do not know why. I am scheduled to begin EMDR tx. Would you recommend your vets to EMDR & what criteria would you use indicating it as a “good” fit for tx?. Thank you both for sharing your research.