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Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. Mastery of SelfMastery of Self is a new book by Toltec Spiritual Master Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. The Toltec civilization flourished in Mexico between the 10th and mid-12th centuries. They were deeply religious and masters of architecture, art, medicine and engineering. The once-thriving  civilization collapsed due to drought and a rapid succession of chieftains. The survivors were displaced and many assimilated into surrounding tribes, but their wisdom persisted through oral traditions. Today Toltec refers to indigenous and spiritual beliefs held by early inhabitants of central Mexico.

Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. is a Toltec spiritual master and son of famed author Don Miguel Ruiz.

In his latest book, Mastery of Self, Ruiz explains that the ancient Toltecs believed that life is a dream. We each live our own personal dream and, collectively, we experience the “Dream of the Planet.”

He discusses the idea that problems arise when our perception of the Dream becomes clouded with negativity, drama and judgement because it’s in these moments that we forget that we are the architects of our own reality. We also forget that we have the power to change our Dream if we so choose.

Ruiz offers us a road map to reclaiming our authentic self and explains how the tools of awareness, understanding and unconditional love can free us from inhibiting beliefs, stories or ideas, thus allowing us to live the best life possible.


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