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Science has found that affirmations work, that our brains are malleable and can be rewired by our thoughts. Fortunately for us, with practice, we can control our thoughts. Using positive affirmations is a quick and effective way to change our thought patterns and, subsequently, our brain activity, to move toward our goals. Here are seven ways to rewire your brain with affirmations.

1. Subliminals – What You Can’t Hear Can Help You

Subliminal recordings may be the key for many of us who do ...


12 Habits of the Happiest People on Earth

We all have different goals in life – to find love, lose weight, find meaningful work, etc. But the underlying pursuit is, simply put, to be happy.

Recent research reveals that happiness is attainable, if we choose to cultivate it. While happiness might appear to be beyond our grasp, the new science of Happiness Creation says, “Yes! ” You can rewire your brain to experience higher happiness levels, and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

These 12 habits will ...


Proven Ways to Be Happy

What exactly is happening inside the brains of people experiencing joy and happiness?

Dr. Richard Davidson studies “happy brains” at the University of Wisconsin. He studies proven ways to be happy. He notes that people with happy brains have not only happy genes but also were raised in loving households. He has also found that adults can adjust their own feelings of happiness.

People can practice “intentional activities” that will increase happiness levels. These activities include being in the flow state, practicing kindness ...


Proof That Happiness is a Choice

Psychologists have discovered that we all have a “happiness baseline.” We fluctuate from the baseline in periods of grief or happiness, but always reset to our original baseline. The exciting news is that this baseline can be moved up on the happiness scale, if we choose to move it. In other words, happiness is a choice.

The article outlines eight ways you can take control of your own happiness:

  1. Simply try
  2. Make happiness your #1 goal
  3. Linger on those little, positive moments
  4. Choose mindfulness
  5. Smile your ...

Happiness and Health

What can the biology of emotion teach us about helping people to live longer?

In this article from Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health the benefit of positive mental health are discussed. Research indicates that there are four keys to a happiness and health in life: Emotional vitality, optimism, supportive networks of family and friends, and being good at “self-regulation.”

The article goes on to discuss the definition of “happiness” in economic and public policy terms.

Read the article on Harvard University’s ...


The Best Gift You Can Give Others? Your Happiness

Dr. Emma Seppala, recent guest on Brainsync’s Theatre of the Mind podcast, is an expert in happiness. In this article she discusses scientifically-backed reasons why you should pursue your own happiness in order to make others happy.

Dr. Seppala outlines three reasons why the best gift you can give others is your happiness. First, she says, is that happiness is contagious. Secondly, happiness brings out the best in you. Third, you start influencing everyone.

Read the full article at ...


Why Your Brain Needs More Downtime

Americans and their brains are preoccupied with work much of the time. New research has shown that our brains need downtime not only to rejuvenate but also to process recent experiences and to solve problems with daydreaming.

And science has confirmed the importance of rest for the brain for memory, creativity and motor skills. Click below to read the fascinating article.

Read the entire article on why your brain needs more downtime in Scientific American.

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Four Ways to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Subconscious brain patterns can affect our beliefs and behaviors. Unfortunately for many of us, these brain roadways are a result of negative patterning from when we were young and/or unaware. Fortunately for all of us, our minds can be reprogrammed with practice and awareness.

How can we reboot our brain? Four effective and easy practices have been identified – hypnosis, repetition, energy psychology and high impact events. Click the link below to learn how to utilize these techniques and start your journey ...


How to Overcome Fear and Live Your Dream by Changing Your Brain

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living in our fears.” – Les Brown

Do you have big dreams but can’t seem to find the courage and energy to pursue them? If you’re like many other dreamers, you may be living in fear rather than an expansive, optimistic state. The good news is that you can train your brain to pursue what will truly make you happy.

We found an article with tips to change your thinking ...

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